Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Weather is A-Changing

Yes, you heard me right. Last night was the first night since last year that I was able to sleep without an air conditioner. Yay for winter! I'm not very pleased about the dry wind and dust storms, though! All we need is a little rain. I hear it's pouring in Muscat? Send some over!
The reason I haven't written anything since my Eid post is because I have guests staying with me in my house. I've been giving the usual tours of Dhofar:
To the West (Raysut, Mughsayl, Fezayah, Dhalkut, etc)
To the East (Taqah, Darbat, Taiq Cave, Sumhuram, Mirbat, Sadah, Hadbeen)
To the Mountains (Prophet Job's Tomb, and that area)
To the South (beach beach beach and the ocean)
The usual stops (coconuts, shopping, frankincense, BBQs, camel meat, etc)
Did I mention that I'm sick? No? Yes, I'm sick. So that adds more fun to the tourist trips. Bah. All I want to do really is curl up on the sofa with hot cocoa and a movie, but no such luck. I'm off work for a week to entertain my guests, so I'm glad for the extra break after Eid break even though I've been driving all around Dhofar entertaining (first time I really use a 4WD. It's creepy)
I've been receiving emails from people wanting to be-friend me/meet me(Rania?)/know who I am. I'm really good at ignoring, but sometimes I feel guilty. Maybe I should at least answer?
I'm anti-Twitter. Just thought you should know.


  1. I'm also curious as to why you haven't gotten back to Rania...and I'm sure you have read her post today.

    Considering you say how much you like her writing, thoughts and comments and she is a like-minded woman in Salalah...isn't it only fair to extend a shoulder or at least common courtesy to reply, when you know who it is?

    Just my thoughts x

  2. I have written a comment on Rania's blog for you. let me copy paste it here as well.

    Now Come on Nadia, that's not fair. She seems to be a really friendly lady and that too away from home, she must be feeling home sick.

    You really gotta her.

  3. Nadia you tryin to play it hard baby.

    I am sure you didnt have a look at ur emails as u urself said u had guests over.

    Now u are tryin to give an impression that u dont care and ignore and bla bla.

    Grow up Nadia.

    You not an heiress or anythin

    Now you would probably not publish this comment, right??

  4. Why not Haasik???

  5. Yes I think you should answer! Come on, I won't bite! Can I lure you with a cup of coffee? free of charge and great company?

  6. Sounds funny or telepathy, I was making my tea here in US, I said let me see what Nadia wrote lately. I found this blog, then I went back to Rania's blog, which I commented on the previous one mentioning you should meet but to leave it alone in case.

    Do you think while you were posting 12:01 pm and mine 12:39 pm having some energy communicating here...I like to think so, specially in Oman they believe in such and I do have such ESP (Godly thing)....

    Good luck on your positive thinking not to feel guilty... Happy New Year too.

  7. Go easy on Nadia. If I were her I would also be hesitant to make contact. Nothing personal against Rania. But SLL is a small place and it takes time to build up trust. And the blogosphere cuts thru all that!

  8. Ahhh, the first time I was in Oman I went for a walk in Muscat, and had to be rescued from a flash flood, lol.

  9. You didn't go to cave Taiq?
    Did you go to Tawi Attir sinkhole?

  10. Well......I think Nadia has all the right to think or even not to reveal herself or anything like that. After all this Bloge business is about writing behind the sense for some people as it might be the case of Nadia and Rania herself. If it is something that is between Rania and Nadia, why all this encouragement from you all. As I said earlier for some people it is more convenient to right in the dark or as it is called by Omani-cypers "Bats of the Dark". If a blogger's personality is revealed it is like an end for some activities that he/she can share with you. This is of course is not in general but we are speaking here about a special case. Salalah is so tiny that you can easily remember faces or just ask a friend about someone and within few minutes you get an FBI report-like about him.

    Take it easy on Nadia, I personally support her decision not to answer the call, and in the same time she can be a good friend for through her blog. In the end I'm not Nadia to deside I just wanted to express my frustration about all your calls for both females to meet. Leave it to them, right.

    Nothing personal……………PEACE

  11. I agree that she has a personal choice, but Nadia is always trying to guess the identity of other bloggers in why the big deal with this?

    Noone is asking her to reveal her true self, moreso asking why she won't reply at all? She has the right to decline meeting Rania, but declining would mean replying and acknowledging the request in the 1st place.

    And yes, she would have been aware of the comments as she has been moderating them. I'm sure she is a bit down, but people aren't 'hating' on her, I for one am one of her staunch supporters on most posts. I would say that most people in the bloggosphere, like me, are just confused thats all.

    My 2c

  12. Dear All, I did reply. See my new post.

  13. Hey Nadia,
    I've found this info on one of the Omanis blog. Can you please tell us if Sharha people really call Dhofar the land of Uz?
    and if they really come from the Empty Quarter?

    "The Dhofar region is a rugged and mountainous region . The Shahra called their land Uz, after the patriarch who must have led them out of The Empty Quarter of the deserts. There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job whose tomb is located just outside of Salalah in Oman."

    I've copied this above passage from this site: