Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm A-Walkin in the Rain ...

Hey everyone! Thanks for the technical support yesterday. I still don't have my problem solved so forgive me for not commenting on your blogs or replying to comments on mine. The IT dudes in my office will come to figure my problem out tomorrow. Meanwhile, it rained all night non-stop and Salalah is one big delicious puddle today (yes, delicious. I love rain). I managed to snap some photos on my way to work. I was managing the steering wheel with my knees if you really had to know. Salalah tends to flood when it rains because our drainage system is useless. But .. fun for the kids.
I hear it's raining in Muscat too ... nothing in the newspaper today though.


  1. Oh, its raining here too, don't you worry! Cats. Dogs. BEC guys. The whole kit and kaboodle.

    This must be the wettest winter I've ever seen (excluding perhaps that period of "unusal weather").

    I'm surprised flushing your cache didn't work... Maybe that cookie internal security put on your machine is acting up... LOL

    I wonder how long it will be before Omanis stop rejoicing at rain?

  2. Oh Wow! MashaAllah! Mabrook! LOL, We had sprinkles here in Sharjah with a bit of a lightening show. InshaAllah we will get more rain here too! I love the rain too! :)

  3. Hey Nadia, did you skip work to snap pics lol
    Shame you can't comment yet, have a great evening

  4. I guess the good thing is that we can comment on yours at least!

    It's rainy here too! Fun times!

  5. IHMD
    You are correct
    Nadia escaped from work to get these NICE snaps. Should we say Thanx to her?!
    I hope she is not on leave.
    Since she can not comment we can say whatever we want....
    Nice photos Keep escaping Nadia

  6. I'm HERE!!!! At home, obviously. No I did not escape work. You brats.

    Dragon, the whole kit and kaboodle? You are SO North Am******!!

  7. Just click the post comment button 5-6 times in a row.


  8. Yah rained in Muscat & might rain today too :)

    try clicking ''preview'' first, then submit?


  9. Wish I had a photo of you practically drowning in that puddle you parked in last night! What a sight!

  10. ADG! You're back!

    Rania, you wish! I'll never take you puddling again!

  11. ADG and Pimpernel,

    It's not that kind of problem with commenting. I get that all the time and I'm patient clicking five or six times.

    This time it's just the whole web page that won't even let me click on publish!

  12. And my problem still isn't solved yet. I'm commenting from home

  13. Hi Nadia. This is interesting blog ... !! I got your blog through Reality in Oman :) I would like to keep reading yours and wanna know how the Salalah like Thanks for sharing your blog !! Seems raining is preferable for Omani people and looks beautiful in Oman ! Thanks!
    By Aisha

  14. Its raining in Muscat Too.. well was at least :)

  15. @ undercover dragon;;; i could understand ur comment. y did u write BEC guyz with cats and dogs??