Monday, August 2, 2010


Do you have ANY IDEA how hard it is to blog when:
(1): It's 23 degrees (celcius) outside
(2): the rain and drizzle goes on for days on end
(3): the mountains are a dark emerald green
(4): the chilled coconuts by the side of the road are TO DIE FOR
(5): wild flowers are growing everywhere (including on the pavement)
(6): camels and cows are wet and happy
(7): EVERYONE is out on picnics
(8): the Salalah Tourism Festival 2010 provides daily entertainment
How on earth do you expect me to write? I'm too relaxed. I'm a-chill-in! And no I haven't given up on the blog like so many others. I'll get back in gear once the weather gets boring again.
Anyway, few updates here and there to keep you happy before I jump into the big puddle outside my office:
(1) evidently the march on July 23rd to celebrate Oman's 40th Reniassance Day was successful and I've heard my collleagues say over 20,000 people showed up (I highly doubt that). It started at the Grand Mosque and ended at Al Husn Palace. His Majesty did not make an appearance so that was a little disappointing. I spent that afternoon up in the mountains with hot thyme tea and a couple of cousins.
(2) His Majesty has been in Salalah for the past few weeks at his palace on the outskirts of town. There were major renovations going on in the past year or so and everytime I flew to Muscat I'd get a peak of the gardens. Very beautiful. I'm really glad he's spending time down here.
(3) I've been to the Salalah Tourism Festival grounds twice already and it's not bad. My favorite Arabian style tent-restaurant is gone as well as Browniz Cafe on the hill (taken over by Omantel for unknown reasons) but it's still going strong. The photography exhibition was great and I LOVED THE ABAYA FASHION SHOW LAST NIGHT! The book fair isn't too wonderful but still semi-acceptable. I took my young nephews to the festival once and they had lots of fun.
(4) the concerts weren't as impressive as previous years. I mean seriously, ONE big name only? (Nabil Sha'ail). Whatever happened to the good old days of constant concerts and huge names like Abu Bakr Salim and Asalah Nasri?
(5) the weddings I attended deserve a post of their own.
(6) check out the new UAE shit-of-a-decision here at Muscat Jet Driver. How the heck can they just suddenly decide to ban blackberry services???????
(7) Ramadhan is next week. Oh. My. God. How are you preparing?
(8) Have any of you been down here for a visit in the past few weeks? How was it?


  1. Salaam Alaikum dear darling, I love your post and I envy you considering you have all those wonderful factors keeping you away from blogging:)
    Oman is so beautiful and green, I love it. I hope to come down there sometime after Eid Holidays, Inshallah.

    Ramadaan Kareem - May it be a blessed and fulfilling month you, Inshallah.
    Preparations - Well, for me there is normally not much as I am on my own. I just stock on more dates, pistachios, raisans, dried fruit, lentils. I love fruits like kiwi, banana, avocado and water melon and stick to labaan, labneh and cold mezzahs. For main courses I like Saloonah and muchboos!!! What about you?

  2. think the mistake was not banning BB but allowing it in the first place without clear guidelines and agreement with RIM. y does RIM allow the U.S, India and others sum control over BB service but not allow UAE and other GCC states??

  3. I would love to have the 23 celcius degrees. Its hot here, lol (Toronto), yah, I know, we complain over just a little bit of heat but as we mostly get the cold weather here, so it is kinda hot :P
    Btw, I wanted to ask, is the king married?? Have never seen pictures of his family. sf

  4. Sounds like tons of fun!

    I don't know what I will do for Ramadhan this year! I am mentally not prepared! But I will try hard to incorporate the cultural aspect of Ramadhan for B.

  5. Thank you for your updates on what's been happening in Salalah while I've been away. I'm looking forward to getting up into the Dhofar Mountains and seeing all of that greenery and wildlife when I get back in two weeks' time. I've been driving around Spain (39 degrees). The Islamic architectural legacy in
    Al-Andaluz, in places like Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada, is amazing. I wonder how many men from Salalah settled there hundreds of years ago?

  6. I'm... jealous!
    Couldn't make it to Salalah this Khareef..
    Ramadhan Kareem in advance, stock up on that Vimto ;)

  7. As salam alaikum Nadia.

    ans 7) No im not ready asghfirAllah.. im hoping my health allows me to fast..i need a serious iman boost right about NOW before ramdhan comes cos iman here in salalah is low for women unless ur blessed to be allowed to take ur child to masjid with u..which is aybb like everything bloody else.

    The mountains look amazing subhanAllah..soo green and lush..just seeing the green hills and the cows bring back childhood memories of bristol( southern england,) to my mind.

    Festival city..hmm been there a couple of times, im impressed as this is salalah and people coming to sell from far away but its nothing like dubai festival city... i have the feeling of hme sickness wanting to go back to sharjah and bahrain.. inshaALLAH IN A FEW DAYS ILL BE THERE..MAMA IM COMING HOME WOOHHOO.

    As for me i been busy with inlaws over at my house, guests and cleaning up as well as trying to take care of my lil man. ive not been active in the blog-0-sphere due to the business but ive not forgot you and the ladies.

    Ramdhan kareem in advance to you and your loved ones. xox hiyyach Allah

  8. Someone is complaining in this link about bloggers like you..................

  9. We visited Dhofar twice in the past month. Had the first raindrops of the Khareef fall on our heads while in Wadi Darbat and loved pick-nicking in the fog the second time around. We visited the Festival on both occasions and loved the shows, the atmosphere, and above all the people enjoying themselves. Salalah is unique...and the coconuts "out of this world". Thank you for your blog. A window on the other side of the Oman.

  10. To answer your question in update point #8, I was down in your neck of the woods a few weeks back and I've still got "Salalah on the brain!" I am still trying to post all the incredible views I took in while touring the wadis, towns and sinkholes of Dhofar. Incredibly beautiful at this time of year!
    Looking forward to seeing some pics on your blog after the weather gets boring! Cheers!