Saturday, May 21, 2011


All prisoners (between three and four hundred) are being released now in small groups of 20. I saw a busload with my own two eyes being dropped off near Bank Dhofar at Dahariz. They were held at Arzat Prison (no charges) for nine days after being taken from Freedom Square on Thursday the 12th and the morning of the next day. Welcome home guys!


  1. "held at Arzat Prison (no charges) for nine days"

    Not a flattering picture of Oman's justice system.

  2. you missed all the action at Dahariz roundabout.. Hundreds of people were there to greet some of the evening buses.

  3. I just hope you can refine your way of writing it in a way where since you ain't a politician you could easily be mistaken as one. Just be careful since you are quoted now.