Sunday, March 11, 2012

Walk for Cancer

The Ministry of Health + National Association for Cancer Awareness + Salalah Nursing Institue have joined forces and are organizing a 'cancer walk' this Wednesday in Salalah. The event will be hosted by Sheikh Salim Aufit Al Shanfari (Dhofar Municipality). The purpose of this event is to (a) encourage people to walk and stay healthy (b) to spread awareness about cancer. In Dhofar cancer is still a pretty taboo subject and there are many people who can't even say the word.

Please come if you can. It's for a good cause. I'm sure every single one of you knows someone who has had cancer or is currently struggling.

Event Date: Wednesday March 14, 2012

Time: Gathering at 3:30. Walk starts at 4:30

Location: Airport parking lot is the starting point. The group will walk to Al Nahdha clock tower and back to the airport again (about 2.6 km).

See you there! (PS No registration required)


  1. do we have to register for this
    thank you for organizing this kind of event...

  2. No registration required. Bring your friends and come!