Tuesday, April 16, 2013


A 7.8 magnitude earthquake (8 according to Oman news) hit Iran this afternoon and tremors were felt in Oman (North of Oman in particular). Several buildings in Muscat were evacuated and there were rumors spreading of possible tsunami dangers. The Omantel headquarters in Mawaleh were evacuated completely at 2:45 p.m. The Government of Oman has issued a message to all citizens (as of five minutes ago) saying they were only tremors and there is no danger of tsunami waves. Nothing was felt in Dhofar ... knock on wood. The government confirms that life shall not be disrupted and if you think there's no school tomorrow, keep dreaming.


  1. That's interesting: Italian newspapers back home said that the earhquake was felt in Dubai and Qatar, but they didn't mention Oman at all. But I felt it here in Muscat: my computer shaked and so did my room. It seems to me like Oman is sometimes forgotten by our media...

  2. Assalam Alaykum, Nadia!

    I congratulate you for the beautiful blog. Mash´Allah!
    I loved the way you write about respecting other religions and the cultural differences, too.
    I wrote about the earthquake in my blog and I mentioned Oman.
    Today I am celebrating the visits to my blog, and it will be great if you visit me and comment there too.

    Allah Maaki.

    I am following your blog...