Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I really am a sad excuse for a Dhofari. How have I managed to spend 22 years in this town without realizing that we have packs of hyenas everywhere? I guess I'm never out late at night! I was told by a fellow blogger that when she was out camping, an unusual hyena almost attacked them in Mirbat. Most people say it was a Jinn because the behaviour was rather odd. Check out her blog for interesting comments on Salalah/Oman

Allow me to confess that I don't have anything terribly interesting to write about, so I've decided to complain. I'm not really one for complaining, but my complaints may amuse you, so here goes:

(1) I hate the way some Omanis treat Indians and other Asians. I almost walked over to the office next door to throw my coffee mug at a colleague who was rudly insulting the teaboy because his tea wasn't 'perfect'. Well go make your own tea, jerk!

(2) The new guy in my office (yes, dammit, I have to share an office now until he leaves) is too nosy. He asks too many questions about my personal life, and thinks everything is a conspiracy. This morning the CEO of a contracting company dropped by to give me documents and chat (I studied with his son). My roommate immediately bombarded me with questions when the guy left. He thought the guy was a spy. Or maybe he thought I was having an affair with a 60 year-old man. God only knows. He just thought it was outrageous that a CEO would visit me, a girl! To those of you out there who are thinking 'Why don't you just tell him to mind his own business!', I tell you: he's a relative. You can't tell a relative to bugger off rudly. I might cause a tribal war.

(3) I always tell myself that I'll never drive into town during the last five days of everymonth because of PAYDAY. Yup, payday. Every single vehicle in the whole of Dhofar seems to be stuck on the two main roads during payday. Everyone is shopping. Everyone is spending. Everyone is honking. People here are so predictable.

(4) I have a sore throat.
(5) a senior manager at my company is very gay. This morning he's got pink nail polish on, a white dishdasha with a brown tassle and a BLUE cap (kumma). Has no one approached him about colour coordination?

That's it for today, folks. As you see, I have nothing serious to complain about. Life is good. Today is Wednesday!


  1. I hope no one from work knows about your blog :p.

  2. Very interesting blog ;).

    But seriously, a guy with nail polish on? That would make him gay enough, leaving the color disaster apart!

  3. Sting: no, no one from work knows about my blog. In fact 'no one' at all knows about it. I prefer to keep it that way.

    Muggle: Yes, I've seen tonnes of guys with nail polish on, but usually clear, and never PINK. But this guy is amazing. I'd love to know how his employees manage to NOT look at his hands when he's giving them orders. I checked out your blog. Really cool. I only read five or six posts (damn, you write a lot girl) and will take the time out to read some more tomorrow. Sincerely, Pure Blood Witch.

  4. Your tales make a great read! I lived in Salalah 95-97 and it brings back many memories, a beautiful and fascinating place! I only found your blog by perchance looking for an online shop that might sell proper Salalah bakhoor perfume, well that's like finding a needle in a haystack, but at least your blog made the search worthwhile!! Take care and keep writing! Sue

  5. Sue,

    Thanks for the note. If you're anywhere near North America, you may want to check out

    They sell Dhofari frankincense products in New York. Not sure if they ship though.

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed it ;). I've never been to Salalah and I have to say (not proudly, though) that I've got this stereotype of life being completely different there than to life in Muscat, so I'm finding your blog pretty interesting and it's changing my view about the South, which I'd love to visit one day :).

  7. You've never been to Salalah? Not even once? Not for the monsoon?? (well, you're in the UK now, so you're not deprived of greenery). Girl, you're missing out on a lot. Life in Salalah is definitely COMPLETELY different from Muscat (it's like we're two completely different species, Muggles and Wizards), each with their own unique characteristics.

  8. Hyenas are freaky O.o
    Don't you hear them laughing with that crazy laugh of theirs?! lol.

    Your "room mate" will be out of there sooner or later...right?! Cos that's just....frustrating!

    Wow at your senior manager! Needs help with color coding for sure. As for the Pink NAIL POLISH (WTH!)....not comment O.O *shocked*

  9. ^ G-Chan, you watched The Lion King a lot, didn't you? :p

    Hope your throat is better now!

    Nice post, but I can't see any complaints, hot confessions rather :p

  10. #1 is the only thing I hate about Oman so far...