Monday, September 7, 2009

Attention Bloggers: Blogs by Omanis & Expats in Oman

To all interested bloggers, Oman Forums are trying to set up a forum for blogs by Omanis & Expats in Oman. If you're interested in adding your blog to the list, send an email with your blog to I'm supporting this idea because I'm interested in finding other blogs in Oman. I recommend My Reservoir of Thoughs, Um3azzan's Thoughts, Keeping it Real in Oman, Sting's Vantage Point, Faith's blog, Muscat Confidential, Muscat Mutterings, A Muggle's Tale, Blue Chi, Sew Chic & Unique, etc. These are the blogs I follow regularly in English. The Arabic dudes are another list! Or, if you want your blog added to the forum but don't feel like emailing, just let me know you agree and I'll inform OmanForum.


  1. This is exciting and thanks for recommending me.

  2. Yes, thank you..

    The more readers the better.. :)

  3. Thanks DG

    I keep meaning to mention your tag too. Very sweet of you. I'll do it soon.

    How you girls survive back here, once you've been overseas, is a bit of a mystery. If it wasn't for Omani women this country would still be back in the dark ages. Most of the young men seem to be lazy immature idiots...

    Ah hah! exactly as they are in the West too! Maybe I'm starting to understand...

  4. Mayya & Reality, your blogs are up in OmanForum.

    Dragon, sometime I don't know either how we survive in Oman after being abroad. I try to travel at least once a year in order to refresh my mind and remember all that plans I had for this country when I came back! It's much easier to think clearly when you're far away from society, because it eats you up and brainwashes you without you even realizing it! (And not necessarily in a bad way, but you know what I mean - conformity, collectivistic thinking, etc). Oman is not a country that respects individuality. Sadly, most of us 'girls' came back with strong personalities and have excellent careers, but are struggling to find a partner because it's almost IMPOSSIBLE. Omani men don't like the idea of a woman with her own opinions, career, salary, car, and way of life. They feel insecure. I've seen relationships fail because of this over and over again. Am I making any sense here? I need coffee.


  5. Hey, I don't think it's just Omani women... it seems to be a global crisis: a good man is hard to find...

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  7. Men should go back to Mars. The world would be a much better place without you.