Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dubai ... Here I come!!

Dhofari Gucci is packin' her bags. I'm going to Dubai this weekend and I'm SO EXCITED! A very very close relative (ehem) is getting married and he's asked my sister and I to come with him to pick the furniture for his partment and some gifts for his bride. Wedding is during July. I'm so excited! I haven't been to Dubai for five years at least. I know so much has changed.
I'm definitely heading to Wild Wadi (the water park?) Can you recommend anything else?


  1. Dubai Mall, performing fountain!! the book shop in the mall, the metro , i have been their last month..

  2. ... The large health food shop in the Dubai Mall.

  3. Yo Sushi, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, the Atlantis Aquarium

  4. As salam alaikum Nadia.

    keefich ? Ok silly U mst be counting minutes till ur flight takes off.

    Dxb & things to do.

    - Dragon Mall ( its a mall 3 km long with everything u can think of from home wares to clothes to electronics to guys machines and bedroom sets & alot more.)

    - Ibn tuta mall - huge and fun

    - Factory outlet mall - opp chinese dragon mall..everything in there is from outlets of major brands.. i think u can find Gucci in there too hehe.

    - Ski Dubai which is an indoor ski slope with ice and yeah its so cold they make u wear a cold suit to keep looks grt but i never got to go there.

    If your relative is looking for bedroom set i recommend u all drive to Buraimi cos u can get a brand new bedroom set there from btwn 250 to 450 omani riyals and they are beautifull.. go to the shop Bin Karam they have the latest sets.

    Are you looking for bakhoor ? Let me know.. my mother in law makes some amazing dekhoon..hehe.

    Mirdiff City Center is new in Dubai.. i heard from some freinds that its grt..check it out too.

    Souk Naif/ near the gold souk has grt attar and perfumes plus all the glass sets for the attar etc for the bedroom dressing table. While ur in that souk, there is lots of materials where the salalah women go who live in buraimi to get their thobe and salalah abaya materials...look for one called "bejour" its from Bajour and feels gt on the skin.

    If i think of aything else ill let u know before weekend. HAVE FUN !! AND SWIM FOR ME TOO..i havent seen a ladies pool since 2005 and my professional swimming skills are going down hill lol.

  5. Do give the Metro a shot! Also, a ride on the Abra. There's some charm to it even when the boat is packed. And definitely Ikea!! Have a great trip!

  6. Do give the Metro a shot! Festival City. Outlet Mall for some serious designer retail therapy at prices that will honestly leave you floored. It's a bit away from the city so you might want to keep a day aside for this. And definitely Ikea!! Have a great trip!

  7. Don't go to Wild Wadi, the last time we went it was full of gangs of young men wandering around in their underwear (not swimwear, nasty cheap jersey pants), staring at any women they could find!!! Plus half the rides were closed. Go to Atlantis instead, they also have an amazing aquarium.

  8. wild wadi (cheak the ladies only days and enjoy) Ikea is good for dressing rooms and perfume glass lockers. when u r in Ikea (or the festivel city) look for an italian rest. called Macaroni Grill and try their Peach shake wed3ili (they do sevre great caesar salad and pizzas)oh yah one more thing the buns (or peasant bread as its called) they serve with olive oil is made in heaven.

  9. Inshallah you'll have fun!

    I recommend Ibn Battuta Mall- nice for walking, having some Starbucks!

    Wild Wadi have "ladies nights" for women only- (I need to cooperate with some friends and go there once!!!)

  10. Wild Wady is great, they even have ladies evening, for ladies only. The whole park is just for ladies and its GREAT. DO GO. I don't believe Atlantis has a ladies night...

  11. Dancing fountains @ Dubai mall. Spectacular!

    Btw, you might bump into Um3azzan, she's heading there too for the weekend ;)

  12. shueshue? lol.. :P

  13. 1) Burj Khalifa observation deck (140th floor i suppose) - No online booking as of now but u can get tickets from their office in Dubai Mall for about 100-400 Dhs (depending on whether u can wait a couple of hours or u want to enter immediately)

    2) Watch a 3D movie from the IMAX in Ibn Battutta Mall...

    3) The mon rail from ATLANTIS...its a 10-20 mins ride from atlantis to a station few kilometer away and it gives a splendid view of Palm Jumeira (view from a height)

    4) You can also try out the Desrt Safari (4-5 hrs ,17 Rials)..its in Dubai-Oman border (Near HATTA)

  14. 1) Observation deck from Burj Khalifa, dont miss it
    2) Creek park, especially the dolphin show & cable car ride (though no aircon)
    3) Aquarium at Atlantis
    4) Aquarium at Dubai Mall ( suggest you dont waste money on the aquatic mammals, pay only for the aquarium)

    Curious to know why your cousin chose to shop in Dubai, is it because of the cost or looking for more options ? How about transporting them all the way back to Muscat ? Any issues with customs ? Pl revert with the details. I am considering replacing my furniture, this can be an option too.

  15. Please take me with you! I would love to try just ONCE a water park for ladies! (snif snif)

    BTW Dude! its "Apartment" not partment. Unless its just a creepy spelling in your country :)~

  16. Hey, enjoy your weekend ;)

    Check my blog btw, something for you :)

  17. Global village, am not sure if its open throughout the year though. I got nice Jalabiyahs and some other nice *deals* too. I love bukhoor so I got some from Souk Naif from Ajmal. I think you will find deals at the souks. sf

  18. Greetings from Holland. Just came across the following article: (you can use google translate to read it)

    You might want to think twice before you go there.

  19. Dubai Mall is a must
    Mirdiff City Center
    Uptown Mirdiff (only at night)
    must eat at: Applebees, Vapiano, mOre
    must go to Candylicious and also have the Garret popcorn
    must try cup cakes in Jumairah called Sweet Stuff

  20. don't kiss anyone on the cheek, ... just sayin'