Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Khareef Update

Sleep-deprived Nadia on a Wednesday morning isn't something you want to see. I have no idea how I managed to keep track of all four soccer matches yesterday, but I did. And no Rania, I don't hang out at Shisha cafes to watch the games. I gather my female relatives in front of a 52 inch plazma TV in our outdoor majlis with tawa bread, red tea, and Chips Oman.
(1) Coming to think of it, my daring friends have suggested that a group of us girls walk up to a Shisha cafe on the Haffa Corniche and just pull up chairs and see what happens. Will the world fall apart? Will someone call my father immediately? Will the police come? What WOULD happen? Oh the unwritten rules in this town... I'm sure any Dhofari male reading this now is cringing and probably drafting an email to me advising me to take care of my reputation.
(2) I'm pleased to announce that Khareef (monsoon season) OFFICIALLY started on June 21st. Yes, it was announced in the local newspapers as usual. However, it did start raining before the official start-date. I don't know whether those clouds were related to a possible storm or just the khareef. Anyway, it rained for a couple of hours this morning and I SWEAR everyone's in a good mood. I don't know what it is, but this season makes everyone happy. Us Dhofaris associate khareef with holidays, weddings, celebration, festival, rain, cool weather, picnics, tourists, etc.
(3) Has anyone noticed the post-midnight military trucks (guarded by army & ROP vehicles) heading to the (US/British/Omani) army bases in Thumrait? Hmmmm....
(4) If you remember my trip to Dubai a few weeks ago, my relative's wedding is in a couple of weeks, and everyone in my immediate family and extended tribe is in panic mode. Weddings are such a hassle in Dhofar.
(5) On a lighter note, I drove to the grounds of the Dhofar Khareef/Tourist festival this week or work-purposes (don't try guessing). What I witnessed was beyond amusing. Omani officials from every possible government agency screaming and ready to kill one another. Why is it that Omanis leave everything to the last minute? The festival starts in two weeks and NOTHING is ready (I'm exaggerating). They're STILL building an entire theatre and setting up basic electricity, phone lines, etc. WHY?
(6) In the meantime, Salalah World (Dhofar's first EVERY shopping mall) seems to get bigger everyday. Those poor laborers must be working all night as well. It's just HUGE. And it's two storeys high? Or getting higher? We're finally going to have Costa and Starbucks in Salalah. OH YES. Rumor has it that our very own mall will host designer brands not available in Muscat. I find that hard to believe, but you never know. It's owned by a Kuwaiti firm, so all is possible.
(7) Beware! According to ROP chief Malik Suleiman Al Mamari (our friendly face on Oman TV during all national crises), the ROP will now launch the secret police campaign (not really secret, is it?), where plain-clothes policemen in regular cars will be wandering the streets of Oman looking for offenders. So, make sure to wear your seatbelt, keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you, AND don't answer calls while driving! Oh, and renew your insurance. Evidently according to the Cheif Malik, there are over 175,000 cars in Oman with expired insurance/ownership cards. Not good.
(8) Finally, to keep you all entertained my fellow blogger Sleepless in Salalah and another couple of people I know have noticed a new trend at Dhofari weddings. Evidently the men's huge outdoor tents now sport laser light and a disco ball in the tent. Yes, you heard me, a DISCO BALL. What has the world come to?
Cheers...... Nadia


  1. Hi Nadia! I can't wait for khareef. Hope it gets going while I'm here. And for my first traditional Dhofari wedding. Bring on the glitz!
    One more thing...the mall will be great but I'm hoping it's not going to be just another place where creepy boys hang about watching for girls (I assume)...I've seen them in al Isteqrar! I mean, who hangs out in a supermarket??!
    Anyway hope you're well : )

  2. Oh Nadia I'm soooo addict to Costa, do u think we (galz) gonna be able to seat at this cafe when the new mall opens??? or the boyz will gonna occupied all the seats and however seat their from the other sex will spoil her reputation...

    and for THE Disco ball are u kidding??? no way i should come to SLL as soon as possible oh there are some new 7arakat hahahahaha;D, r they dancing bur3a under the lights of the ball wooooooow...

    cheers Amase...

  3. Disco balls could never be complete without some Saturday Night Fever music. Do the Dhofari dudes dance like John Travolta in their wedding get-ups?

    Procrastination is the name of the game here in Oman. Somehow, it all falls into place. Well, sorta.

    Yay for the undercover/plain clothed cops in their Maximas, Corollas and Echoes. I hope they catch all the wank bus drivers out there too.

    I'm totally jealous of your weather there, Gucci. Muscat is *almost* unbearable!

  4. did you say men's tents and disct ball xD? coolness hahaah!
    Btw, my newest blog is dedicated to you =P!

  5. I am praying nothing happens with Iran and Israel right now. That would put us in a bit of a spot.

    LOL, wanna test what the boys would do if one of us randomly sat at the shisha place to watch the game? I am the perfect candidate, lol, no family reputation to ruin lol. I volunteer.

    In Muscat we are prefectly able to, as you well know. Sighhhhh. Keep the culture and God forbid women sit at the cafes, but bring on the disco ball and laser lights :Oooooooooo

  6. As salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu Nadia.

    InshaAllah all is khair with you. Happy khareef to you and your family.

    I enjoyed a picnic with some friends and their families and wooshh we were taken over by fogg and light rain..Allahu Akbar.. it was lovely.. the men got wet ahaha while we women had the tree coverage.

    About these sheesha cafes etc.. if men can make rules about women i wonder why muslim men cant fear Allah and not bring shessha cafes to the area. its really begining to piss me off seeing men do as they wish and we women here in salalah having to obey their crap.. sheesha is haram and yet we are expected to stay far from it while they enjoy.. what hypocrits i say !

    on a happier note..inshaAllah soon i shall be having my business open, so alot of shopping to be done by salalah ladies online inshaAllah.

    Disco balls...ohh my thats soo 1970's hehe how cutey. I didnt realise the men here we much of party poopers. i learn something new every day.

    have urself a grt friday evening. hiyyach Allah.

  7. Inalilla hi wa inna ilaihi rajiooon for sayyid thuwaini.

    Nadia i would like you to write a post on him if you know about him . i remember him attending the national day celebrations in salalah on maidaan el ehtifaalat every year and that was until i guess early 2000s.


  8. The disco balls isn't something new in some African Dhofari families' weddings. Not a new thing AT ALL!!!

  9. LOL Disco Balls :P

    which world cup team do you support?
    i have wanted to visit salalah for a looong time, and im on holiday till september, which month would you suggest to be the best time to visit (coolest weather)?


    Erase if you want to but I want to get as many Omani votes on my poll as possibleXD and I wonder what is your opinion, lol, you never got back to my email (though mashaAllah your blog is so busy and I know you have a life beyond blogs;D).

  11. Salam, Great post as usual.
    1)no comment
    2)We Love Kareef that's for sure.
    3)I noticed also lots of militarry trucks last week but not the midnight ones.
    4)I hate the Wedding season. I'm already broke.
    5)Hmmmmm I hope they will finish at time.
    6)Actually the mall will be only the ground floor thre will more floors that will be a 4 stars hotel. BTW if you love Subway, they will open in Alistqrar hyper market on the 3rd floor.
    7)I hope it will be a good step to improve the safety on roads.
    8) I gotta see that lol

  12. "I'm sure any Dhofari male reading this now is cringing and probably drafting an email to me advising me to take care of my reputation." >> LOL!!

    Salalah World>> YES BABY!! I'm gonna be POOR but happy!

    If you were able to spot any Mens wedding tents with disco balls.. plase document it in a picture and share it with the rest of us.

    Take care.


  13. Salaam Nadia,

    Just wondering if you could give some advice to a group of guys from Britain travelling to Dhofar during the Khareef?

    We are worried that, with the heat and humidity so high, wearing standard jeans/polo shirt combination will get too hot and sticky. What do guys in Dhofar/Salalah do to keep cool while still looking respectable (or even fashionable) during the monsoon season?