Sunday, June 20, 2010

Waka Waka

BUSY WITH THE WORLD CUP. More coming. Be patient. Watch the world cup songs here and here. Shakira's is awful.


  1. Oh no Nadia not you too...i am the only omani not into football?

  2. Haha! Shakira is awful and that's nothing new!
    I loved the original "Waving Flag"
    watch it here
    this performance isn't the best but the lyrics are ;)
    I'd like to know who the Dhofari Gucci cheers for =P

  3. But not as bad as the sound of the vuvuzelas!

  4. Shakira is an independent tournament, parallel to world cup :)

  5. Grlz ur only jealous of Shakira, few facts you have to learn about Shakira:

    1) World-class singer
    2) Speaks at least 3 languages
    3) Has an IQ of 140
    4) Shacks it like no other
    5) 156 cm tall (a Shorty for real)

    I can go about her forever, so stop the envy business :)