Sunday, February 27, 2011

Update on Protests

I'm exhausted. It's been a long day. Here's a mini-summary of the past 48 hours:

(1) Protests continue in Sohar & Salalah

(2) Protests in Salalah quiet and peaceful

(3) Protests in Sohar violent.

(4) Police shot 2 dead (confirmed) in Sohar and maybe up to 4 (last I heard an hour ago)

(5) Tear gas and rubber bullets used on protesters in Sohar.

(6) Police in Salalah snoozing in their cars while protesters sit peacefully opposite the governor's office.

(7) Protesters claim they're not moving until their demands have been fulfilled

(8) Their plan seems to have worked.

(9) His Majesty reshuffles ministers around last night. Royal decrees can be read here.

(10) Protesters still not satisfied

(11) His Majesty (as of a few minutes ago) announced a monthly compensation package of 150 OMR for each registered unemployed person in the country. Where did THAT money come from?

(12) His Majesty has also announced the 'creation' of 50,000 jobs. Sounds highly suspicious. Where did the 50,000 come from?

(13) Huge protests expected on Tuesday March 1st all over the country.

(14) If you live in Salalah, RELAX. There's no violence and it's safe to go outside. The protesters have congregated in front of the Minister's office. There are no protests anywhere else in town. It's not even called a protest anymore. It's a peaceful 'sit-in'. Send them cookies if you want.

Read Muscat Mutterings for more details. I'm cross-eyed. Cheers.


  1. Hi, Nadia, I decided to look up Omani blogs after I heard the news on CNN and came across yours. I'm an American living in Taipei. I drove around northern Oman about ten years ago while on vacation and was blown away by how beautiful your country is. After having read your blog, I rather wish I had made it to Salalah, as well, but time and money conspired against me. Keep up the good work, and best of luck!

  2. It's not a surprise at all Nadia, He has spent billions and billions on his useless tours since he come to power, plus that small country which is Dewan plus, plus ect........
    We are waiting for more political reforms.
    Those corrupt faces are still on the chess floor only he has changed their positions.
    Moreover, for those who live on the social insurance left out.
    We are waiting for all our demands to be met.

  3. Sending our prayers. Please keep us advised. ~ matti

  4. But will women's voices be heard...?

  5. I think this is all stupid. (what is happening in Sohar)

    Since Egypt was able to WIN their protest, all the Arab world is protesting? Stupidity runs in the Arab world nowadays.

  6. I don't understand this crisis of jobs. I wish someone would explain it to me.

    Oman has over half a million expats here doing work that Omanis WILL NOT DO. For every hard-working Omani I meet, I meet another who is being warehoused by Omanisation and "worked around" because he knows he can't be fired so he isn't going to bother doing anything.

    Any Omani who is willing to push a broom or pick up a shovel could find work. If this isn't good enough, why not go back to school FOR FREE and get educated for a better job?

    I love Oman, but I'm starting to think these protesters aren't going to be happy until they are getting a fat government check for doing NOTHING. I picture all these protesters are spoiled brats "too good" for honest work who want to live like the Kuwaitis and the Sauds, just handed money for nothing.


  7. Some of the protestors were shouting out some names of officers in Civil Defence and Ministry of Health who are supporting business in monopolising the Oman market.

  8. Some of the protestors were shouting out some names of officers in Civil Defence and Ministry of Health who are supporting business in monopolising the Oman market.