Monday, February 28, 2011

Update on Protests (3)

(1) Protesters growing in numbers in Salalah.
(2) A large group of lawyers (wearing their robes) have joined the protesters.
(3) Rumor that needs confirming: His Majesty is to address the nation at 7 p.m tonight. Can anyone confirm if this is true?


  1. Is there any agitation in the capital Muscat.

  2. @Jose... hard to say. TONS of rumors, but no one actually seeing anything. We're hearing there are protests either at the ministries or near the palace, but no confirmation.

    If HM does address the nation at 7, where will we be able to hear it??

  3. @Jose... hard to say. Rumors are flying, but so many are false. We keep hearing of a big protest near the ministries or the palace at 4 p.m. today, but no confirmation.

    If HM does address the nation, how can we hear it? Radio? TV?

  4. I've heard about HM's speech being in an hour and a half..

  5. Jizzy and Hatta both closed - Confirmed.

    Just got this SMS:
    لا يا شباب ندائي لكم جميعا لا تنخدعوا مثلما انخدعت و انخدع غيري بأن المظاهرة في صحار ليست بريئة فهي مدفوعة من الخارج و إلا لما يصرون على تقطيع أوصال اقتصادنا باستهداف الميناء و المنطقة الصناعية و قطع الطرق ، الحذر الحذر. نعم نختلف في بعض الأمور مع الحكومة و لكن لا يمكن المساس بالمقومات و إلا سندفع الثمن غاليا، نعم هذه المظاهرة مدفوعة من الإماراتيين، أقول بعض الجهات الرسمية فيها و ليس الشعب، شعب الإمارا يتألم ما يحصل في عمان من تخريب

    No, my appeal to all of you young people do not be fooled just as deceived and deceived others that the demonstration in Sohar is not innocent they are paid from abroad and only to insist on the dismemberment of our economy by targeting the port and industrial area and cut off roads, so beware. Yes we disagree on some things with the government, but can not be jeopardizing and only pay the price dearly, Yes, this demonstration was driven from UAE, I would say some of the official and not the people, the people of Ar suffer what is happening in Amman from sabotage

  6. Some of the protestors were shouting out some names of officers in Civil Defence and Ministry of Health who are supporting business in monopolising the Oman market.

  7. What is happening latest. Lot of rumors floating. Can someone post the latest scene. I was told by someone that the big protest is planned on Saturday/Sunday.