Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jordanian Night in Salalah

Dear Readers,
As randon and irrelevant as this may seem, just thought I'd share the info I have.
Event: Jordanian Music & Dance
Date: Wednesday March 2, 2011 (tomorrow!)
Time: 8:30
Venue: Al Murooj Theatre (Ittin)
Entrance: Free
I'm proud of the Ministry of Tourism for arranging such events. I missed the Georgia night last week, but I'm hoping to make it to tomorrow's event.
Small update: peaceful sit-in/protests continue in Salalah opposite the governor's office.


  1. Well thats some good news amongst all the bad! Have fun : )

  2. According to publicity, the ensemble performs musical experiments based on traditional Arab music. Looking forward to that experience!

  3. The highlight? Surprise performance by a traditional dance troupe. Catch the view from the peanut gallery at www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBtID7ToWQ8&feature=player_embedded

  4. Dear Nadia,
    Just got your web address. Nice to read your blog. I am in Salalah since last 20 years but was starved to get info on this place. How sad that after staying so many years here I do not know the culture and traditions of this place. Thanks for providing info on life of a lady behind the veil. Great job keep it up.By the way not written any things since last 3 days. Hope things are all fine with you. Please update on happenings in Salalah.