Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update 11: Salalah Protests

Mini-strikes continue, but nothing too major has occured (fingers crossed). I tend to agree with fellow blogger Mahfaif ( on one thing: the people will go home if the Sultan speaks to them directly. Until now he hasn't addressed the nation. Yes, he's working hard to deal with all the issues protesters have and he's done a great job, but people need to hear him speak. Ministers have lost their credibility.


  1. Part of me thinks the Sultan should leave it as the protesters are becoming a joke now and have little or no credibility, another part of thinks he should speak and yet another thinks he should just walk away from a population that just wants money from him or don't speak loudly enough to drown the complainers out.

    I feel very sorry for him - he's worked hard to support brats.

  2. Assalam alaikoum Nadia, I'm following Omani news thanks to your updates and insights being worried about the whole MENA region protests.
    I strongly hope Oman, the country I'm deep in love with, will overcome the turmoil thanks to the Sultan's foresight and I agree he must address quickly to all of you: Oman deserves
    peaceful and productive solutions. تحياتى

  3. I think HM the Sultan wants his people and government to go through this situation and live it and grow up. Also he can't appear and promise people on things he might not be able to address, nor he wants to order people to go home especially when he preaches freedom and peace.
    I strongly believe that he will address the nation only after all strikes and protests fade away.
    We all believe in his wisdom.