Friday, March 18, 2011

Update 10: Protests in Salalah

Oops. Looks like today's huge gathering for Friday prayers at the "People's Square" in Salalah (protest headquarters) ended up with the crowds deciding to go on a major strike tomorrow. The person who gave the sermon, Sheikh Nasser Sakroon encouraged everyone in the public and private sector to go on strike.
I think it's extremely selfish in some ways. How do they expect His Majesty the Sultan to make 360 degree changes in this country in a matter of weeks?!!! What will a strike do?! If I were the 'Collective Brain' of the protesters, I'd for example set a date in June and ask for changes before then, on the condition that everyone goes on strike on that date if the list of demands haven't been met. Many of the demands are ridiculous and most of them take TIME. In fact, the whole bloody situation is ridiculous.


  1. Nadia

    I have met so many Omani citizens who agree with you - why aren't your voices heard?

    Your Sultan has worked miracles in 40 years - why can't these 'protesters' see it?

  2. Nadia,
    I really agree with you.
    Just a side note: a 360 degrees turn would have you end up where you started.
    It appears this is exactly what some of these protests may result in unfortunately (back to 40 years ago I mean).
    On the other hand, I have the feeling that it will result in a more "emancipated" workforce for Oman, if these protesters are willing to take real responsibility.

    Kind regards,

  3. Nadia, I think it's fantastic that you voice your ideas like this!

    You are so right. The people need to give the Sultan the time to implement the changes. They cannot expect them to come overnight. Hopefully these people realize that the change they are envisioning will not happen unless they too change.

    .... Maybe you should go there and share your ideas with these people. You would do a great job. I'm sure!

    Good luck!

  4. Why are people striking? They don't do any work most of the time anyway! If all the expats left, the country would crumble in 48 hours and everyone knows that!

  5. If the Sultan needs time he MUST speak directly to the protesters (through TV). Suddenly he created 50 000 jobs, so he can promise that the rest of the reasonable demands will be studied and solved as soon as possible. In this case I guarantee that everyone will go home.

  6. I just saw a group of protesters outside of the Hilton. They were asking for a raise to 300 OMR/ Month and to lower the working week to 5 days per week.