Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update on Protests (7)

Protests continue in Salalah, quietly. It's not an overwhelming several thousand anymore.
The domino effect is hitting Oman like a cyclone. Just today I've heard about small protests erupting at the following places. If you know of more, post a comment and I'll add to the list:

1. Oman Air
2. PDO
3. Ministry of Information
4. Omantel
5. Dhofar University
6. Sultan Qaboos University
7. Salalah College of Technology
8. Salalah College of Applied Sciences
9. Nursing College
10. Women's association in Salalah
11. Bahwan
12. MB
13. OXY
What do they want? Change. Reform. More change.
Dear Citizens, please don't overwhelm the Sultan.
Kindest Regards,
Peaceful Dhofari Gucci


  1. I heard from a PDO (Mina al Fahal @ Muscat) worker that demonstrators there want better salary (so they can afford to buy even a sm house); better education / training; AND have called for the resignation of the PDO Finance Director (who I think is of retirement age anyway). Would it be possible that anyone other than someone named "Al Kharusi" could be the Finance Dir of PDO?????????

  2. In my opinion, popular sentiment is turning away from these protestors. I hope they realise this, and the fact that His Majesty caters not to them, but to all the citizens of Oman.

  3. Bahwan
    MB (Mohammed AlBrwany)
    OXY (only the employee of al9afa field)

  4. Along with the genuine demands are a raft of illogical and absurd ones. I think the nursing students in Muscat going on strike so that they can get their pass marks reduced from 65% to 50% and have four chances to (fail and) pass borders on the unbelievable. C'mmon guys we are talking about people who are responsible for the lives of others - if you can't pass at the requisite standards, you should not be looking to be training as doctors and nurses in the first place.

    I would also like to know how many of the striking students are willing to put their lives into the hands of someone they know has failed their medical exams a few times, especially when it is a life and death situation.

    To read more about these absurd demands, go to

    Please don't go on a protest just because you see a hundred others doing it elsewhere. The situations are different in each case - you should not be dragging this great country back by 40 years in the mad rush to 'protest'.

  5. Standing up together for what is right is a great thing, and awakening to its power is thrilling.
    Stepping up to contribute strategically to doing the right thing is better yet. And it is something every person can do every day - without disrupting education, economy or stability.
    Yes, united people have the power. But doing has a deeper impact than demanding.

  6. what is happening with the Indian CEOs and CFOs in Companies in Salalah?

    They should be thrown out too

  7. ^^ Why should they be thrown out? I am Omani and they do a better job managing my business than some of the Omani's I hired. They allow me to make a profit and improve my countries economy.

    We Omani's should embrace competition and I'd prefer it if Omani's are able to compete with any manager of any nationality be it Lebanese or UAE managers.

    Omani's are not productive in employment no matter how much I spend when I send them to top schools. Why are you so afraid of Indian managers? Whats the matter you can't compete? You don't have a brain? yOu don't think we businessmen want to employ Omani's? We do but if they can't do their job competently then why would we employ them?

  8. No more updates?

  9. This is bad sign for oman that next generation wants to pass even failed 5 times (nurses/IT students/ Business Students/Communication students) they r threating to well qualified teachers if they will not passed we will go to remove you from the you can see at the moment Applied college sciences salalah/sohar/ibri/nizwa/rustaq student take over the collges and closed it for teachers / college staff. really upset for a country. fair demands are welcome by students but they r asking for unfair as well. these r demands from bad/failure students not from good . in my opinion they should be kicked out from the collge then you will see everything will be ok. otherwise if they kicked good teachers to keep happy students then no good will come here to teach these without mind students. students want just degree not knowledge.

  10. Hahahha, U must be kidding U business owner, I am sure if u keep the same thoughts and carry on, u will be working for them one day I tell u that.

  11. I have to post anonymously here, unfortunately...

    The protesters at some of the businesses listed above are asking that ALL the jobs be given to them. They walk up to a site that employs 20 people and demand 250 jobs. They ask that the qualified, trained employees be ousted so that completely unqualified & uneducated people can work there instead.

    It is completely illogical. I don't think these protesters realize that these foreign companies can also choose to pick up and LEAVE. Then what?

    Every single expat job is here because there is NOT an Omani who is willing/qualified to do it. If an Omani showed up tomorrow able to do our job, we would be going home tomorrow. And that is FINE. We wworked damned hard and struggled through REAL universities to get high-level degrees. Every day since then we've been working damned hard for long hours every single work day.

    And THAT is why we have those jobs.

  12. High time the taste of the whip and cane is administered to the protestors...once they taste in their flesh, see how like good school children they will go back to work!