Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shura Council Candidates - Salalah 2011

Hey everyone... here are the entertaining characters who want to represent Salalah in Majlis Al Shura (the closest we'll ever get to having a parliament). You can look at the Ministry of Interior link here for candidates from the rest of Oman. Only 2 of these ambitious 32 people will be elected. As far as I know, elections are on October 15th.

1. Ahmed Aufit Abdullah Al Shanfari

2. Ahmed Mohammed Moqbil Al Aamri

3. Amna Khadim Said Al Awadi (female!)

4. Amira Mohammed Al Hakim Al Shanfari (also female - danger alert!)

5. Hamid Ahmed Ali Al Haddad

6. Hussein Abdullah Ahmed Al Haddad

7. Hafidh Abdullah Ahmed BaOmar

8. Khalid Al Safi Khamis Al Haribi (I voted for his brother last time)

9. Khalid Mohammed Awadh Al Shanfari

10. Ramis Mohammed Al Mashali Al Kathiri

11. Zakaria Al Ghassani (NOOOOOOOOO.... he's on every billboard)

12. Salim Said Ahmed Bahaid

13. Salim Suhail Al Sum Bait Said

14. Salim Ali Ahmed Al Kathiri

15. Salim Ali Salim Al Turk Al Kathiri

16. Salim Mohammed Musallam Al Kathiri

17. Suad Fail Mubarak Bait Mighrab (Female!)

18. Said Ahmed Saad Al Shahri

19. Said Saad Faraj Al Shahri (a former Shura member and is running again)

20. Said Awadh Ashoor Al Shajibi

21. Said Mohammed Said Al Shahri

22. Suhail Ajham Ali Bait Said

23. Abdullah Salim Said Al Shanfari

24. Ali Mohammed Al Mardoof Al Kathiri

25. Mohammed Ahmed Faraj Al Ghassani

26. Mohammed Ali Ahmed Al Rawas

27. Mohammed Ali Said Bait Ali Sulaiman (our friend in the photo :)

28. Mohammed Mubarak Gahnoon Al Hadhry

29. Maryam Ahmed Ati Balhaf (female!)

30. Nasser Said Mohammed Safrar

31. Nasser Ali Musallam Bait Said

32. Naif Omar Awadh Al Rawas

Worth noting that you can't click on the resume for any of them through the website. There's a link but it doesn't work. So much for getting to know your candidates! If you know anything about any of these people, post a comment with the candidate number. May the best man/woman win!


  1. Where are you on this list of candidates?! ;-)

  2. Sigh. My vote will go to no one. Wish I could do something about that!

    kam sa3eed hinnak mashallah. allah ywaffa8 illi feeh el5eera.

  3. If I were a Dhofari, Khalid Al Safi Khamis Al Haribi would definitely be getting my vote. I've known him for more than 12 years. He's an astute politician.

  4. If I were a Dhofari, Khalid Al Safi Khamis Al Haribi would definitely get my vote. I've known him for more than 12 years, and I thoroughly recommend him. He's an astute politician.
    Ross Hayden
    New Zealand

  5. Can the naturalized ( expats who apply for Omani Nationality and get Omani passports} Omanis also run for election ?

  6. Thanks for giving the names Nadia, appreciate it

  7. The numbers of female candidates has been steadily increasing, women are finally getting a steady fixed role in our Omani society.

  8. HI Nadia,

    I need some info on this comment pls:

    Can the naturalized Omanis ( expats who apply for Omani Nationality and get Omani passports}also run for election ?

    Or do u need to be OMani by birth?

    WHat if you a person is not born in Oman, but now the person has Omani passport? Can he or she run for SHura Election?

    I will appreciate your reply.


  9. Hi! I checked again. Candidates must be 100% Omani (I don't believe naturalized Omanis or Omanis with non-Omani mothers can apply).

    As for being born out of Oman, I think it doesn't affect.

  10. Hi Miss,,
    These names which have been stated above are to no way except the two who have been pointed by tribal assembly few days ago.Unfortunately the matter of qualifications and competences are not welcome due to these allies within the tribes themselves.Al Katheri tribes and Mahadata tribes have agreed to vote for one candidate.Thus it is very difficult for others to get enough votes.