Thursday, April 19, 2012

Storms & Wadis

When are Omanis ever going to learn to stay away from wadis (dry riverbeds) after heavy rain? The weather this week has been a little crazy in most areas up north with heavy wind, rain, hail, and of course ... running wadis.

I was just watching the news a little while ago and to be honest, I had NO IDEA how bad it was. The footage was dramatic, but the number of people who tried to cross wadis is just ... meh.

ROP updates:

1. The weather is expected to start calming down in the next 24 hours. Rain & hail still expected in some areas up north. The ocean is wild along the entire coast of Oman (including Dhofar). People are advised to stay out of the ocean until tomorrow night.

2. Running wadis are DANGEROUS.

3. Many vehicles (people in them) was caught in running wadis. Some people lost thier lives. Others are missing.

4. Several families were rescued by helicopter from the roofs of their homes after being surrounded by water.

5. A few people were airlifted out of Rustaq and to hospitals because the roads were blocked.

6. In North Sharqiya six people went missing in a wadi. Two were pulled out alive. The other four are still missing and it does not look hopeful.

7. Another vehicle in Sinao with a family of four was pulled into a wadi and the ROP are trying to rescue them now. Another four vehicles were pulled into Wadi Al Batha in Sinao with families. Helicopters are on the move to find them.

8. Nine people were rescued from Wadi Abu Dhalma in Al Qabil.

9. ROP helicopters are looking for the body of a 4 year-old in Al Batinah who fell into a wadi while playing nearby. WHERE THE HELL WERE HIS PARENTS AND WHAT THE HELL WAS HE DOING NEAR A RUNNING WADI?

10. In Al Dahira 3 bodies were pulled out of Wadi Al Fatah . One is Omani. Ther other two are from the UAE.

11. In Al Seeb a family got stuck in a wadi in their car. They were rescued and are doing well.

12. Nine light posts & a couple of electricity poles fell over due to heavy winds near Bait Al Baraka roundabout.

13. A truck full of people is stuck at Wadi Hotum in Bidiya.

14. Wadis in Al Khoudh are running like mad. ROP are trying to block roads there to keep people away.



  1. Unfortunately this 'devil may care' attitude seems to pervade the whole of Oman. It's not just staying out of wadis during rains, it's not wearing seatbelts, not using child seats etc. etc. The annual road death toll here is on par with the UK (which has a population of more than 60 million compared with Oman's 3). Too many people put their faith in 'inshallah' and leave everything to fate. One can only be sympathetic to a point. People also need to take responsibility for themselves and their families. What annoys me is when people so recklessly endanger others with their attitudes. Why do people never learn?? Interesting post though and I must say I had no idea any of this was going on. All seems calm in Dhofar. Can't say the sea looked rough either...

  2. Nice post! I've just arrived in Muscat and my allotted flat is just 10 meters away from a wadi! Now I'm nervous!! :)