Wednesday, April 18, 2012


1. Weather is crappy in Salalah (hot hot hot humid humid humid). You'd figure we'd get some rain along with everyone else?
2. Colleagues are shallow, irresponsible, naive humans. My colleague has been watching a Bollywood movie on their computer at work since 9 a.m today (4-hour movie). Why do I work my head off when I could easily be earning my full salary watching movies at work & doing the daily gossip rounds from office to office all morning? (Mr. Sythe knows what I'm talking about)
3. As far as I know, the honor killing case sentencing  (see post below) was postponed from April 17th to June. They think more time will help the 'powerful tribe' convince the family of the victim to accept the settlement. They've gone from male negotiations to female negotiations to try and convince the wife of the deceased.
4. BREAKING NEWS! Salalah airport to introduce paid parking by the end of this month. Finally.
5. Have a great weeknd


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated with the always fascinating Salalah news, Nadia. (This honor killing sentence sounds like it would make for a great mini-series. Such drama.) Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Why so happy on paid parking?

  3. Do you enjoy your job? (seriously!)