Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rollin' in It

Check out our new 20 R.O note. Looks kinda ugly to me, but I guess we'll get used to it after a while.


  1. I like it, It reminds me of the money I use lol. Though I do like the old one two. Do you know if they will change more?

  2. Hello Nadia,

    Not really connected to your post - although I'll just mention I agree with you that the new 20 does not look the most appealing - I do have a question to which no one seems to have any answer, so I thought you might :)

    In short - will there be a holiday to celebrate 40th national day and Sultan Qaboos properly? If so, do you know when it might be, or how long it might be?

    Any info, any whatsoever, would be appreciated. As a foreigner, it is difficult to find out any real information, but there are always rumours that spark questions - and so far you have been the most reliable source (usually the ONLY source) for all kinds of information for us.

    Thank you, and kind regards.

  3. they should havce issued 40 Riyals Note for this special occasion!

  4. ... I agree with Anonymous's idea. That would have been fantastic. A 40 Riyal note!