Monday, November 8, 2010

Salalah World

Yes... believe it or not, Salalah is FINALLY getting its own shopping mall (and don't tell me Isteqrar Hypermarket is a mall). Our new mall (the building is almost finished) is located on the main Rabat highway next to Centrepoint. The mall will include the following blessings:
1. Kids' fashion
2. Women's fashion
3. Men's fashion
4. Beauty/Opticals/Watches/Jewellery stores.
5. Arabian Apparels (?)
6. A food court
7. High quality restaurants (Really? In Salalah?)
8. Cafes
9. Bakery
10. CINEMA (!!!! WOOHOO!!)
11. Bowling centre
12. Kids entertainment
13. Carrefour Hypermarket (yes)
14. Electronics
15. Home accessories (will we have Home Centre? I hope so)
16. Believe it or not, Home apartments
17. Underground parking
18. Inner courtyard with trees and grass
19. Lots more.
It's going to be really interesting to see how it turns out. Thank you Kuwait for noticing that Salalah had no mall! (investors are from Kuwait). The building itself is huge and seems to get bigger everyday.
Evidently, some parts of the mall will be open early 2011 and the rest will continue to open up slowly throughout 2011.


  1. Great news!
    Good for Salalah. It can certainly do with a mall!

  2. Woho0o0 finally some great news this week..!!

  3. From what im told in the construction industry, kuwaitis are not to be thanked its al futtaim as the are the only people who have the carefour rights and always mapp up the bulding plans etc.
    Anyhows salalah needs something..its dead here except for hyper lol with the new subway thats stilll not open..its teasing me every time i go for a sub its still closed.
    Cinema..hmm lets see lol

  4. Great information. As usual, you're first with the news. A Carrefour hypermarket! Fantastic!

    Any news about the Eid holiday dates yet, or will we only find out after Eid?

  5. I'm really happy that someone FINALLY built a decent mall!

    Have you noticed that Lulu "suddenly" built a haypermarket right across Salalah World? LAME!!

    After 10 years of complete torture and trying to convince us that the current Lulu is acceptable, they build up a new one when they see we will have other options!

    Its all good in the end!

  6. Hii Nadia,

    The mall will open only after mid 2011 as lots of work is yet to be done... i am telling this because i am associated with this.

  7. Disagree about Carrefour being "Fantastic" Wouldn't shop there if I was paid. Always use the old Spinneys by the RAFO base. Found it excellent!

  8. I finally got the chance to see it. It's not.. "almost finished!" =/

  9. April 2011 and still nowhere near finished... anyone got any idea when this will actually open?

    As for the comment above about Spinneys being excellent - huh?! I couldn't disagree more! Over-priced, dusty old produce. They have some good bread, that's about it! I don't think it'll survive long now that Lulu has opened.

  10. its already october 14, 2012 and still not yet done! :(

  11. Any ideas when it will open? Is construction still going ahead?