Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bits and Pieces...

(1) Everything is calm in Salalah this week. We're still waiting for the release of the 9 activists from the Sumail prison. According to someone who was in touch with them, they are together in one cell and are doing well and feel they will be released soon.

(2) Dear Expat wife who is worrying about attending a Dhofari wedding. My advice to you, don't worry! Don't try to blend in or dress up like the Dhofari women. They'll love to have you there and you'll probably end up being one of the wedding's main attractions. Dress nicely in a skirt or dress or something. The dresses at the wedding will be completely over the top, so you don't want to dress in something too plain. If it's at a house, anything will go. If it's at a hotel, dress like you're going to a gala dinner or something. Go for bling and glitter. Elegant yet modest. You'll see everything from Grammy Awards evening gowns to $10000 Dhofari thobes.

(3) Interesting article about Islamic banking in the newspaper today.

(4) What the hell is wrong with Saudi Arabia? Can anyone explain to me why I have to see this in the news this morning? Saudi woman DETAINED for over a week for driving? Do Saudi authorities realize what year we live in? There are so many things about our world that I will never understand.

(5) Please pray for our next door neighbors, Yemen. It's gotten extremely nasty over the past few days and to me it looks like the army have been blindly shooting at protesters at their own version of 'Freedom Square'. We have so much to be thankful for in Oman. So much. Watch this video.

(6) Check out Dan & Jillian's project over in Sohar. It's a good cause. If you can donate, please do.

(7) Read more about Oman's marriage fund project here. (it was one of the demands in the recent protests).

(8) Interesting post on prostitution in Arabia from new blogger The Linoleum Surfer. Definitely worth a read. Don't attack the guy. He's stating facts (whether we like to hear them or not)

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Nadia

    Can you get back to your musings on day to day Salalah life? I've missed them.

    Also could we have an update on Sleepless in Salalah? I miss her.

  2. Great advice on Dhofar Wedding dress code... what in the world does a 10000 rial thobe look like?!?!
    ... And Yay! for the marriage fund. We see so many young men weighed down by the burden of paying a dowry (or the debts that follow). Though marriage is never a decision to be taken lightly, and perhaps the hefty fee encourages serious consideration ;)

  3. Hi Nadia,
    any suggestions on what to give for a wedding gift? I'm attedning a dhofari wedding - bride side.