Saturday, June 25, 2011

Working Women Rock! dear readers (haters, fans and silent observers alike) As many of you know, I am passionate (sometimes too passionate) about women's issues and women's rights in Dhofar, Oman, and the Middle East. Recently, while googling women and Shura (rumor has it Dhoari Gucci is running for Al Shura in October ... beware!), I came across this cool website which appears tobe the first online community for Arab working women. It's called Femeo and is associated with, the Middle East's largest job site.
The MENA region, unfortunately, has the worst track record in the world for women in the workplace, which obviously reflects on society in general. In Arabic we say
نصف المجتمع معطل
Here is a World Bank report about the topic: Femeo is as community aiming to help and empower working women in the Middle East. They offer daily tips and advice, a networking section, and Career Assessments. It is available in both Arabic and English and reigstration is free (Woohoo!). You can also read daily articles, tips, and advice on career development, work-life, balance, etc (Um Azzan! :) ... their quizzes are also worth trying out. But... the best thing is that you can interact with the online community of women to share thoughts and ideas. To me, networking = empowerment. Especially for women. If you're a woman, check it out. If you're a guy, forward it to your working women. Don't worry, we don't plan on taking over the world (yet). Oh, and they are accepting contributions from working women who would like to inspire others by sharing their experiences and ideas. If any of you are interested, you can visit this link.


PS (I'm drafting a post on what is called white-prostitution in Salalah. I had the strangest experience on Thursday. Watch this space)


  1. Dhofari - well done on launching yourself into the Majlis A'Shura; do your best ; make a great point and get that 50% to vote for you

  2. Great to see working women receive much-deserved attention in societies where this is still a new trend. Oman is such a great example in this respect!

  3. Cant wait for the upcoming post! Hurry!

  4. Great Post! I'm hoping there will be some men out there who are man enough to start hiring women in their male-dominated work place.

    And, I'm hoping the women that already work in these companies are an example to other women and encourage them to follow in their footsteps!

    Could you explain this Majlis A'Shura to us?

  5. Fantastic news about the Shura! Mowaffaqa in sha Allah!

    Travelallergy - the Majlis al Shura or "consultative council" is the elected lower house of representatives in government. It's existed since '91 and had a universal franchise (over 21, but interestingly, excluding members of the security forces) since 2003. The big deal this time is that the Majlis is now to have legislative rather than just advisory powers. Five of its elected members will also be chosen for ministerial positions, so I'm told. So with only 84 (I think) members, there's a good chance that anyone elected can really influence new laws, and even become a minister.

    TLS is of course available as a consultant at any stage :D

  6. Oops...this was about working women in general. Here's my view: I actually prefer to hire women. Generally they work harder, take their commitments more seriously, and don't rip off their employers. They also tend to have done better educationally and be better with languages. Of course it's a generalisation, but based on real experience.

  7. Thank you for writing about Femeo! :) We are very excited about the potential too.
    We hope you do run for Shura, that would make our day.

  8. On women in the workforce, here is the study to prove that it is better to have them than to exclude them.

    Life Inc. - Want a smarter team? Just add women

  9. @The Linoleum Surfer- thats because we rule :)

  10. The shura needs people like you! Hope you go for it! Womens' empowerment is so important - not least because women as mothers & caregivers also set the example for the next generation - something which can not be underestimated.