Friday, June 10, 2011

Heavy Reading

Good Morning Folks! It's official. I'm moving to Alaska. I can't stand the humidity anymore. I'm packing my bags and won't be back until the rain starts in July. (or now? it started raining this morning! early monsoon? dare I hope?). I've stopped wearing makeup because it melts the moment I step out of the house. If you're planning on visiting Salalah during the monsoon, come during the last week in July. If you're Muslim, come during August and enjoy Ramadhan fasting in the rain. It'll be around 26 Celcius (and around 50 celcius in the rest of the GCC), so fasting will be easier. I'm serious.

. I have to pass on Linoleum Surfer's latest post on FGM in Oman. If you're Dhofari, read this. If you practice FGM, read this. If you're Muslim, read this. READ THIS. Spread the word. The more people talk about it, the better.
. Oh, and they're now selling camel meat at Lulu Hyper. Just thought you should know :)


  1. Thanks Nadia...I'm glad you weren't embittered by answer to your request...the feeling's still strong :D

  2. Hi Nadia,
    First, wishing you a pleasant and enjoyably stay in the USA Alaska state.
    I actually like to follow that amazing blogger (Linoleum Surfer). He rocks the earth with his fascinating and unique topics in an attractive way for all readers...
    Thanks a lot...

  3. We always appreciate Salalah more upon return. Once khareef sets in you certainly will too. Bon voyage!

  4. i am thinking of celebrating my birthday in Salalah at the end of July!! :) do you recommend driving there from Muscat? or is it too risky?

    i stoped wearing makeup too. and i do my hair at home, it looks decent, i leave the house and by the time i reach my car its a fizzy mess!!!!