Saturday, November 5, 2011


more crappy iphone typos! my laptop is away being formatted, so until then bear with me.

according to the ministry of climate (i know the name is longer), there are two new storm activities that may affect oman in the next few days. the one we've had these past few days is now weak and moving towards yemen. there's a new cyclone moving from the north of iran towards oman and according to the official statement from the government, we should expect rain in oman on the second day of eid. as for the third weather issue, there is a cloud formation off the western coast of india that may develop into a cyclone in the next 3 days. they promise to keep us updated! what a week for oman, eh?


  1. Hi Nadia,
    Thanks fr the upadate on the weather during eid holiday.
    It seems that u didnt get my comments on ur previous topic on flights from mct - Salalah and on derbat waterfalls. I wanted to share many nice pics & vids I took yesterday and today at derbat.

  2. Hi Nadia,
    did u check ur email?

  3. Oh no! I was hoping that was it over. Thanks for sharing this info!

  4. I have checked the current status of the new said system in the Arabian sea and it's seems to be very potential one. The picture shows it's coming towards Salalah and i expect the storm before Friday (11/11/11) will give you more clear updates on this.