Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What in the world....

I haven't seen sheet rain like this in Salalah since the last cyclone hit!! Be careful. According to authorities, the current weather situation is going to continue to affect Oman (all areas except Musandam) for the next 24 hours, then it's supposed to calm down. Fishermen have been warned to stay away from the ocean and the wadis (valleys) are already running. Problem is, it's Wednesday afternoon. Everyone's driving home to their village for Eid holidays. Not to sound pessimistic but I fear car accidents and endangered lives. Some people just don't understand the danger of driving through wadis. The police have sent warnings out but that won't stop people from going home to their villages and towns. I hear it's pouring heavily in Muscat as well. What's it like wherever you are?


  1. so many cars swept away in Hamriyah (Ruwi) and Al Nahda Hospital was badly affected

  2. hi nadia.our topic is important are Courageous..I hope to learn from you...ok i ddint if I write correct or not ,because my english is not good ..thanx