Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weather Update

Folks, the weather down here in Dhofar is awfully strange this week. Yesterday and the day before we had heavy winds and dust. Suddenly last night there was one clap of thunder and it started to rain. It rained throughout the night and this morning the winds are strong again, there's garbage blowing around everywhere and the sky is rather dark for a November morning at 9 a.m.


  1. Does anyone have an idea how long this'll last? I can't find any reliable forecast. Most of the weather reports I've found don't at all reflect what's going on outside!!

  2. The weather report in the following site uses METAR reports frequently generated by local airport meteorology offices worldwide. This looks quite accurate. Link:

  3. Just follow the link- http://weather.yahoo.com/oman/zufar/salalah-2268251/

  4. http://weather.yahoo.com/oman/zufar/salalah-2268251/
    its a good way to know whts coming for us from the skys..