Thursday, February 23, 2012

Major Power Outage in Dhofar

Yup. That's how we started our weekend. Around 5 p.m yesterday we suffered a complete blackout in Dhofar that lasted until after 10 p.m. More than five hours. No explanation. I received a badly spelled apology from Dhofar Power Company after the power came back on. We've also been suffering from bad dust storms and heavy wind in the past three days, so spending the evening outside also wasn't really an option. Furthermore, imagine traffic lights on the blink, no street lights at all, and gleeful young men doing insane wheelies on the highway knowing they'll get away with it in the darkness. I was short on candles and my cell phone died, so I spent much of hte blackout on my back in the middle of the living room floor meditating and scolding myself (and humanity) for being so helpless without electricity. Did you guys up north hear about this?


  1. There you go guys!! New CEO (Omani CEO actually) at Dhofar Power Company and the motherfucking Indian Mafia has started showing their colours!!!

  2. it seems no one cares not the government or the minster of electricity !!!! no apology( we will not ask for resignation ) or attention from him or his ministry ,even if the Dhofar power was in charge he is still responsible , the media is a total fail like always, till when the lying will continue, ,
    Ps I was in Dhalkoot west of salalah there was power, it wasn't all Dhofar blacked out, salalah to marbat only

  3. yes - I got the same text message and cant understand why as Im in the north and never had a bill from Dhofar Power. I thought they had sent it to all Oman to show that if they cant produce power at least they can waste it.

  4. As we didn't have any candles in the house we went to a hotel for a candle lit dinner. The atmosphere was wonderful!
    Unfortunately the power came on quite early in my part of town. I had planned to sit in my garden and gaze at the stars without all the light pollution that has sprung up around us in the past year.
    I'm silently hoping for another power outage while the weather is still cool....

  5. what I meant by the above comment was that this indian mafia has started working against the new Omani CEO.... He needs to fire all these indians and recrutis senior Omani people in their place...