Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Omani Blogger Released

Muawiya Al Rawahi has been released. I'm not entirely sure what actually happened, but I know he's out after publishing a very odd (and slightly apologetic) letter from prison through a friend. Put down your weapons, international advocacy groups! (for background information on his arrest, read my post here)


  1. As I said before, there is NO proof he was "arrested" as reported. Perhaps he had taken one of the many options I wrote about in my other post.


  2. I stayed in jail for 2 days
    then in the hospital

    every thing will be published in my friends Abdullah Alnasseri blog

    Just keep blogging my friend


    1. Muawiya,

      What is your proof? Why would the general public take your words for granted?


  3. Now i Knew what is (MTI) in the dragon blog blog

    I really do no need a proof that i was In jail, I need to delete it.

    It is a crime what I did, I broke the low by abusing others.

    If you think It as some Governmental Drama believe me.

    Let me do something
    send all your questions in an email to

    نادية تقدري تكتب حال مستر أم تي آي ما يلي

    كل إنسان يبدو وجهة نظر في أي مكان عن المدونة يستحق أن أرد عليه، ولكن بعد تجربة طويلة مع المنتديات آثرت التدوين به فردانية أكثر ..

    وشكرا نادية .. الآن سأقرأ ما كتبته
    عساك ما قشبتيني