Monday, June 24, 2013

A Reply from Oman Air

Date      : 24th June 2013
Ref         : TC_18174
Dear Ms. Nadia,
Subject: Your travel experience on WY911 on 20th June from Muscat to Salalah
This has reference to your complaint addressed to our Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Wayne Pearce, highlighting your concerns and giving a candid description of your travel experience on the above flight. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your experience with us.
We sincerely regret to learn about the inconvenience caused to you due to the delay of the above flight. Please be assured that this issue had our CEO’s utmost concern and is currently being reviewed by all concerned. We would appreciate your patience and understanding while we gather necessary information in order to revert to you conclusively.
We believe that it is the feedback from our valued customers that help us to identify areas that need improvement and enhancement as expected by our valued customers.
Oman Air assures you of its care and concern always.


  1. I shall wait for their conclusive reply....

    1. You may need to wait awhile. This is almost identical to a response to my own complaint back last October. Presumably they are still gathering their information to respond conclusively - as I have heard nothing since.

  2. في بوادر أمل ننتظر معك ...

  3. lol think you will be waiting loooooooooong time

  4. That is it, are they aware your audience are following with bated breath? :-)

  5. Pathetic - I travelled to Salalah with a cat and it took me four visits to Muscat Airport to find someone who could fill in the paperwork. Six months later, we returned and it took me six visits to Salalah complete with paperwork to convince the staff that the cat had travelled before as they believed that animals could not be transported by plane. Once that was resolved (and it delayed my departure by a week), the baggage people flung the box on the carousel and, once I'd retrieved one very frightened cat, I was quite forcefully stopped by security from going to the baggage area as I was going to 'see' the baggage handler (I'm female). I wrote a complaint and 10 years later, I'm still waiting on a reply. I've never flown Oman Air since and having met their training officer once, I understand the problems of the staff. If you're reading Oman Air - the cat is still alive and healthy no thanks to you.

  6. Lol is that written by his secretary???? They do all the work.

  7. I'm surprised they didn't tell you to move to Muscat for good :)

    I had a horrible experience once travelling with my wife and kid. We were flying in from the US (on a different carrier) and were supposed to fly Oman Air from London to Muscat. Oman Air, however, cancelled the flight a few weeks in advance and they booked me on Emirates instead. I checked with Emirates and they said that the booking was there but they still needed a voucher from Oman Air. I told Oman Air this and they said they have taken care of everything. Went back and forth at least 4 or 5 times between Oman Air and Emirates until I was reassured by Oman Air that it was all taken care of.

    After my 10 hour flight from the US, I finally got to the Emirates counter in London and they said Oman Air had not given them the voucher! I was FURIOUS! I went to the Oman Air desk and no one was there. An employee from another airline who worked beside them said they would not be coming to work that day.

    Long story short...i ended up having to buy 3 one way tickets from London to Muscat on Emirates at the airport.

    When I got to Oman, Oman Air did not apologize and did not reimburse me. Oh yeah they gave me a paper weight with the Oman Air logo which I felt like throwing back at them.

    This incident happened a few years ago and thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent.

    Kudos to you for calling out the steward's racism as well!

  8. hi good morning dear all
    dear Oman Air
    you just replyone case and trying to escape ....
    what about other complaints and suggestions are given why you have not replied on those issues ..?
    have heart to accept the facts and come in open and do the need full ....

    also you should have an email address printed on all your e-ticketing for complaints/ suggestions etc.. purpose

    i hope you you will act on this too ....
    SRP, Salalah

  9. I hope they do reply. Even an 'on hold' response means a step closer IMHO but then I am optimistic by nature. We are all waiting to see the follow up.

  10. Don't hold your breath waiting for a response. This is a pretty standard letter of receipt.

  11. You will be waiting a long time.Minister needs a POW WOW.

  12. Thanks you for your efforts that appear the daly suffering to passengers by oman air and in addition that such of event relely happened when it is come to out departures.

  13. This is Oman Air's stock response - complete with inappropriate use of the words 'candid' and 'feedback'.

    OA please note:

    Nadia was not supplying 'feedback', she was making a strong and public 'complaint'. And of course she was 'candid'. There is no call to patronize here. OA are the ones who hide behind obscurity.

    If you are going to pump out standard responses, at least use standard English. Isn't Wayne Pearce English? As Nadia says, if he can't afford a proofreader, couldn't he check this drivel himself. Haha. He does not deign to attend to even the most serious complaints so not surprising he does not think his customers merit a meaningfully worded response.

  14. In my opinion many of our people facing many unrespect actions which comes from oman air but despit all of that there is no change just the company are continuing its savages .


    You need to naaaaag to get a response!
    We are counting on you hahaa.

    Good Luck!


  16. What, still no answer? There again there's no point in trying to defend the indefensible, is there? Has anybody noticed any improvement? Just wait for the mass exodus at Ramadhan, and then the Eid. I've booked my family through on the Dubai leg of a long journey. Having read all this, I wish I'd stuck with Emirates

  17. Any news from hereon?

  18. OA is indeed a Sad Airline when it comes to the service they offer to their customers. Personally, I have encountered a number of maltreatment from their sad incompetent members of staff but did not bother raising a single complain. For some inexplicable reasons I felt doing so will be waste of time simply because that is their way of conducting business. They are self convinced that they are doing things right for them and ignore what is the right things that will bring satsfaction to their customers. To them what matters most is pecuniary gain on short time basis I guess and forget about the sustainability of their business. They should appreciate people like DG who is kind enough to wake them up before its to late, I mean before they can completely collapse. They must improve the quality of their services for them to survive in business.