Monday, June 3, 2013

Washington Post Humor

So, the US didn't fail to pick up on our humorous (and sometimes obsessive and ridiculous attempts to re-write Omani history). I'm not entirely sure why we can't just admit that His Majesty overthrew his father in a semi-bloodless coup in 1970. We're happy he did because he did a world of good for this country. To read the Washington Post article on this, click here.

On another note, Carrefour was a true disappointment. There are about four or five products that I would drop in for every once in a while, but nothing with the 'wow' factor.  Lulu is ten times better, more organized and clean (there were flies sitting on the peaches at Carrefour). The live calf in a cage on opening night was HORRIBLE and bad taste.

And finally, despite all the rain and storm warnings for the weekend, Salalah got about 2 minutes of drizzle on Thursday night. That was it!


  1. There we go again! Haven’t we been there before? You and I?
    Alright, fact of the matter is MAWLANA The SULTAN acceded to the throne in 1970 after his father’s abdication. Take or leave it.

    Am telling you this as member of the an entity that sacrificed all, be it blood /sweat /tears /time/energy to build and protect Oman from all harm for good 269 years.


  2. 'Semi' bloodless now, is it? Not bad at euphimisms yourself, are you? A national trait indeed