Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dhofaris Love Wigs

Don't have time to write today. My week has been crazy. However, I couldn't help not posting this picture up. Wigs and weird hairpieces are one of life's necessities in Salalah. Anyone who has been to a wedding will know what I mean...

I took this picture at Taj Al Arfeen, a women's needs store in Al Haffa.


  1. Hi-I just saw your blog. I am american and live in salalah part time. Right now i'm in new york but will be back in salalah in about 3 weeks. Would love to meet if you would like. my blog is absolutetrygve.blogspot.com and email is absolutetrygve@gmail.com

  2. Hi! Yes, I've heard about you (don't remember how or where). Your work sounds fascinating. I'd love to meet you too. My email is dhofari.gucci@gmail.com
    I've joined your blog followers! Join mine!
    LOVE your blog.

  3. LoL now seriously, this is way too much!
    What do you think about this though, Nadia?
    It's scary how originality in beauty became so rare!

  4. I think it's terribly amusing. Like watching Sweeney Todd, or some other horror movie. Fashions in Salalah change so fast, and they're ready to pick up anything new at the drop of a dime (bless their hearts). I'd never be caught dead wearing a wig, but I've seen tonnes of relatives wear them (blonde only!)... What do you think, Faith? Are you from Salalah?

  5. Social life in Salalah is basically about appearances for many people. Very sad.

  6. Nadia, nope I'm not from Salalah. But I was born there and raised there (around 6 years of my early childhood)..
    We still go there during Khareef, have some friends there that we try to catch up with every now and then.

    As for the last comment you posted: "Social life in Salalah is all about apperance"...I'd say, I agree with you in this, but to some extent..I know few people from Salalah who are totally the opposite. Such intellactual, highly educated and smart people indeed. Appearance and materialism is non of their interests.

  7. Yes I totally agree with you. I've met some amazing open-minded intelligent Dhofaris whom I really admire. However, as I said, MANY still care about appearances. But I believe change will happen. I've met so many interesting people from Salalah who have travelled, done research, and who are just so open-minded and cool. Change WILL come.

  8. I'd feel so weird wearing fake hair on my head. But I play around with dyes so Im not beyond vanity LOL. But alot of the Muslimah fashion bloggers wrote that wearing wigs and fake hair are haraam so I take it, this is more a cultural practice? I'm moving to Oman and lived there before but as a Muscati girl. I always knew more of the Omani boys than the women though, being an expat.