Thursday, April 16, 2009

Disturbing News ...

Holy Bananas! Over five HIV-positive cases at one of the two girls' high-schools in Salalah??! What the HELL is going on? (I'm afraid the news is VERY recent, and my source is the hospital). I know that some of the girls have been into drugs (pills, not injections). There were also a group of women distributing drugs at the high schools, convincing the girls that the pills would make them thin, beautiful, fat, white, pink, grey, whatever... but this...? There have (supposedly) been around 1000 AIDS cases in Oman since 1984. Oman is one of the 7 countries that imposes a complete entry ban on HIV-positive people (the others are Brunei, Qatar, Sudan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates and Yemen), and I hope the government soon imposes an entry blood-test for young men returning from places like Thailand. This is very disturbing. Why would high-school girls in such a conservative little town be HIV-positive? Comments anyone?


  1. I'm speechless!!
    Where the hell they got it from?!

  2. Hello and let's start:Begin with definitions
    HIV:are abbrevations which stand for Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
    AIDS:stand for Acquired Immune Deficiency System.
    when AIDS can no loger cope that is because of HIV.
    Peaple do not really die from AIDS,the die from the cancers,peneumonia or other conditions that they take hold when the pacient immune system has been weakened by HIV.
    HIV does not pass easily from person to another,especially when we compared it to other viruses because HIV virus in person's body the transimition her through body fluids from the person who infected into an uninfected ones then into their bloodstream.
    Here are the main sources of infection:
    the body fluids that has enough HIV to infect someone are.........
    *seminal fluids
    *breast milk
    *vaginal fluids
    other body fluids like saliva,urine,sweat do not contain enough of the virus to infect another person.
    The common ways of HIV to spread out are:
    1-through sexaul intercourse and other sexual activities.
    2-from mother to baby.
    3-from blood to blood.
    HIV infects gradually destroys an infected person's immune systemreducing their protection against infections and cancers.
    Initially,the person who carries HIV virus may show no symptoms of it because their immune system manages to control it.
    However,in most conditions their immune system will need help from anti-HIV drugs so that it can keep the HIV infectin under control even though these drugs do not completely rid the body of HIV infection.
    The government should chech up all its citizins and expatriates alike to prevent this fatal disease from outbreak annually for Omanis and expatriates in hospitals also tourists in all borders and Muscat Air port.

  3. Where did they get it from? High school boys or men who got it from outside the county most likely. I agree on returing aids tests!!!

  4. HIV incubation I think will mean a test on return will not show positive.

  5. Quite possibly they were born with HIV. It has been around since 1980s so it seems quite possible that their fathers came back from Far East and infected the mothers who then passed it on to children. Very scarey!

  6. As far as i know, pills can't and don't cause HIV. It has to be sexual intercourse, blood-to-blood transmission (injections/ open wound contact) or from mother to child during pregnancy or breastfeeding. I'm pretty sure that this makes for shocking news, it isn't even prevalent in even Muslim societies in non-Muslim countries (otherwise it's just very much undercover)