Friday, April 10, 2009


Did I mention that life in Salalah is never boring? Yes, I think I did. It's the title of my blog! After a week or so of posts, you'll begin to know why. As a Salalah-tarian, I have insider's input. If you follow my blog, you'll begin to appreciate (if not already) the richness of our amazing little town. Salalah is very special, and very different.If you're wondering why I'm fluent in English, it's because I spent several years studying abroad. However, I am a Salalah girl through and through. What is my aim? I was inspired by the novel 'Girls of Riyadh'. I dream of writing a similar book about Salalah but less-corrupt f course. We are nothing like Saudi. I have a lot of positive (and rather amusing) things to write about. I do not aim to criticize the society in Salalah or the way of life. I am proud of who we are and how we live. I only intend to tell it as it is.

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