Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blogger's Block

Dear Readers,
How often do you check the blogs that you follow? I check almost everyday. It's kind of depressing, but what to do! I follow 8 blogs regularly. I wonder how often people read my blog? I stole an application from Sting's blog to monitor the number of times people upload my blog. 300 in two days isn't bad, eh?

My weekend was rather dull. I had to bring work home for the weekend (ugh) and spent most of my precious time working. I also *drumroll please* tidied my room (a task I usually dread). I did four solid hours of reading. How can one ever get bored of good fiction? Thank you

I spent some time in the garden talking to the birds. The flocks of parrots are leaving Salalah for the monsoon (or so I think. I'm not a bird expert). While I was out there, I took a couple of pictures of trees. The flame trees are so beautiful at this time of year. Sadly, they only blossom in May. The rest of the year they're just dry boring trees. During May they burst into flames (literally) and turn red.

I then had to take a picture of a new lemon that has grown on our lemon tree. We rarely get lemons, but in this humid weather, the trees seem to be having a blast.

Finally, to conclude my dull weekend, I drove through town and while stopped at the 23-July-Nahdha street traffic lights, managed to QUICKLY snap this picture of our beautiful new mosque. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Salalah is supposed to be inaugurated sometime in June, but we haven't heard anything yet. It's not 'open' yet although it's well-lit during the evenings. Rumor has it that His Majesty is coming down to Salalah to inaugurate the mosque. How wonderful that would be if it's true. Dhofar misses him very very much.

So, basically that's the end of my dull weekend. I need to travel. I seriously need to travel. I'm one of those people who loves airports, suitcases, passports, airplanes, and boarding announcments. I intend to spend the rest of my life travelling and exploring the world. How that is going to happen, I don't know, but I'll give it a try. Yes, I am a Dhofari girl, and it's kinda TABOO to travel alone, but you never know, I may strike a deal with someone and tell him 'I'll marry you if you'll travel with me'.
Travel where, they ask me? Well.... here goes:
(1) India: I want to travel through India (in the North) and visit temples. I also want to visit the Lotus Baha'i temple. An Ashram would be nice.
(2) Austria: this is a must. I want to visit Vienna and eat ravioli and visit anything related to Mozart.
(3) Brazil: Amazon is a must. Actually, I'd like to visit several countries in South America.
(4) PARIS! No, I'm not interested in having my photo taken in front of the Eiffel Tower. I want to explore Paris through the 'back door' (i.e not as a tourist). I also want to spend quality time sitting at small cafes watching people.
(5) Prague! City of intellects.
(6) I want to visit the valley of Angkor in Cambodia. Feasible? YES!
(7) Definitely Egypt.
(8) Northern Lights in Canada!
(9) An Amish community in the US
The list gets longer .....
Do you love travelling? Where would you like to go and why?


  1. good afternoon Nadia

    First of all I want to be the ONE!! marry me and take me as your passport(just offer me tickets), DEAL??, i like travelling too much.
    As a photographer i love travelling and exploring, i think travelling is a must for everyone....but not everyone can travel.
    travelling gives you the chance to think different, accept others, learn, and it shapes your behavior...etc.
    I would like to go EVERYWHERE!! EVERYWHERE
    i have been to China, France, Hungary, India and i would like to visit Iran, Turkey, UK(stonehenge), old civilizations in america(Inca, Maya, ans Aztec),the whole contenet of africa,.......everywhere!

  2. OK, deal. Sounds perfect. I provide the tickets, you accompany me and carry the bags. I'm also into photography. I've been to three continents so far (Europe, North America, and Oman!) and have lots more to go. The Inca, Maya, and Aztec civilizations are one of the reasons I MUST go to South America. I used to watch too much of the Arabic cartoon 'Golden Dreams' when I was a kid.

    You see, people? I publish my post, and within five minutes I have an offer! Lucky me :)

  3. LLLLucky me too!!
    i get a parttime job 'CARRYING BAGS'
    thanx Nadia

  4. Carrying bags isn't as boring as you think. It can be an intense and motivating job. Think of the benefits.

  5. am looking forward for the TIPS as well,
    am happy nadia

  6. You don't get tips. We already made a deal.

  7. i'll do a good job
    TIPS are for those who do their jobs(services) properly.

  8. You're already getting free tickets. Why do you need tips? Greedy.

  9. Yes! I love traveling!! I've been traveling my whole life actually...haven't been stable in one country for more than 4-5 years. I'm more of a road-trip traveler but I don't mind planes. I would LOVE to go to Turkey, Morocco, Palestine and Japan!!

    Hope you get to travel hon! See all the places you want to see inshallah! ^_^

  10. Am gathering money for the apartment.
    Saving for OUR future!!

  11. G-Chan, yes I figure you've done a lot of travelling. I'm still trying to figure out your nationality by the way :-) Any hints?

  12. Another anon, but this one is a huge admirer of the Northern Lights, I live way out in the country with little ambient light, so when they come, they are fantastic.....ah well, back to work!!

  13. Thanks Anon #2. The Northern Lights are AMAZING and I've never seen them. You always said I could come visit your little house in NF. Back in the days.

  14. Loving the picture!

    I've been to Austria and visited the castle and the garden where "sound of music" was filmed. Visited Mozart house and University. It's a beautiful country and a MUST visit!

    Don't you think Japan, China & Yemen are good places to be visited, Nadia? :D

  15. Faith, I'm SO jealous. I hope you're not the Faith I know, because I know a Faith who went to Austria! Hah!

    China is great. Have you read any of Amy Tan's books? They make you love china. Japan, not so sure. Yemen ... hmmm... yes, but is it safe?

  16. My originality is from one of the countries I mentioned. Let's just say, it's quite a tough place to go to...

    is that a good enough hint? ;-P

  17. Ok, so you're Mom's Japanese and your Dad is Moroccan, your brother is half Palestinian and your grandma is Turksih

  18. looool!! I said one of the countries not a mix xD hahaha...I'm Palestinian. Nice to meet you =P

  19. G-Chan, nice to meet you too. A combination of several countries is more interesting than one ;-) I like being creative. Too bad you're not half Japanese. Haha

  20. You never know, I might be the Faith you know ;p.

    Hmm Yemen is so not safe, but you can always be armed there!

    And I never ready any of Amy Tan's books :(

  21. I'm a Japanese Wannabe loool!
    I love Japan and the Japanese ^^

  22. You are welcome, much work to be done. Have been boning up on growing vegetables. Have a new telescope to watch stars at night.... So I have the best of all possible worlds, Oman and Canada....

  23. Wow! You're the 3rd person within 2 days to call me weird.

    Must be a Scorpio thing =P

  24. No, Scorpios are supposed to be NORMAL. Sagittarians and Aquarians are weird (that would be me). If three people have called you weird, take it seriously!! Lol :)

  25. I just stumbled upon your blog and boy - you're hilarious! I'm Omani from Shargiyaa, lived and still living in Muscat. have a few Dhofari friends, I've got to say you you've got a way with humor! I'm certainly book-marking you Gucci :D

    I love Salalah, lived there when I was younger for over 2 years. Visited again a few times, the last time was some 10 yrs ago? :( quite refreshing to read Salalah news through your blog.

    I've travelled alot. Lived 5 yrs abroad. quite alot to tell. You know what? I'm new to the blog world, you've given me just the right thing to write about for a few months, i.e. the places I've been to! Just keep checking my blog for my travel adventures ;)

    -Sheesh kebab, I think this is the longest comment I've ever posted since I started blogging, shut me up! :/

    See ya!

  26. Thoughtreservoir! Welcome to the Omani Bloggers' Community. Glad you think I'm hilarious. Salalah is hilarious at times. I just tell it as it is! I'll check out your blog right away... :)

  27. Dont worry, Nadia. I follow your blog religiously. Sorry I have been lazy about updating mine!

  28. Jordann, about time you came back to the blogging community. You had a faithful fanclub then suddenly you disappeared off the face of the World Wide Web. Was beginning to think you'd been recruited into the army as well!

  29. I'm dhofari, I'm a girl, and OMG UR MY DOPPELGANGER!!! my sis sent me ur URL thinking she uncovered my secret blog~~except i dont live in salalahh ;o)
    Most the spots u listed up there rock, and I'll tag along with you to pay the Amish a visit

  30. Hey Anonymous #2 .... What's Doppelganger?? Sounds like something Weasely Twins would shout out Harry Potter when they're in serious trouble. Your sister WISHES she uncovered your secret blog :D
    Welcome to my Wacky Dhofari World. Watch this space ... Do you have a blog of your own?

  31. Hey Nadia

    I don't have a blog :) I just like keeping her in suspense haha
    A doppelganger is what germans think ur qareen/twin or ur identical copy floating somewhere in the world- once u meet them you die or something kitha!

    ADG#2 (Anon Dhofari Girl # 2)

  32. Hey! So if we meet I'm going to die?! Stay away from me Girl!!! :D

  33. pfffft!!! eshdaraahum il germans hehe

  34. ps that was me up there, ADG#2

  35. ADG#1 ... El Germans ya3fo 7agat ktheera ...
    ma tistiheeny fee 3qoolhum al kishkha :-)

  36. hmmmm...........
    a dhofari girl who doesn't live in salalah and speaks german......
    is that you sis ?

  37. lol, visiting the Amish will be interesting I would love to see the look on thier faces when they see the visiting Arab girl. Pesonally, I think I have to go to Machu Picchu in Peru, Golden Dreams was one of my all time favourites. I have also to visit Japan as I like everything japanese XD.

  38. IHMD .... Golden Dreams were the BEST!!! Long live the 1990s!! Machu Picchu is on my list too. Japan NOT. I can't stand Japan for some reason.

  39. Did you see Khwater 5? Sushi , Sakura flowers, anime and manga, temples, the japanese country side, fuji-san and ultra modern clean cities. I have to write a blog about the growing anime culture in Oman.

  40. Go ahead and write. You're weird.