Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dhofari Celebrities

Hey everyone! You may recall (see post below) that I was thinking about Dhofari celebrities because Mr.Anonymous wondered whether paparazzi would have someone to follow in Salalah. Who is a celebrity anyway? In Salalah a celebrity is someone whom EVERYONE knows. In Western countries the concept of celebrities and paparazzi has reached a disgusting stage. I mean, for heaven's sake, do I really need photos of Brad Pitt scratching his nose on the cover of a magazine when the world is going through so many difficulties? In Salalah, it's quite different, but just for fun I'm going to list some of the people that everyone knows. They are in 'no particular order', and I do not intend anything other than to praise them and entertain you, thank you very much.
Fowzi Bashir: فوزي بشير (National Soccer Team) is Salalah's pride and joy :-) As you know, Oman loves soccer.

Bint Moomin: بنت مؤمن The most well-known makeup artist #1 in Salalah. She's one of the talented ones who turn you into Marilyn Manson if you pay her 100 Rials. (Yes, you heard me. 100 Rials). Check out my post below about makeup.

Fawaz Arafa: فواز عرفة former National Soccer team goalkeeper (back in the 1990s) and Salalah's most famous driving teacher. I'd say 90% of all 'females' with drivers' licenses in Salalah were taught by Fawaz. He's amazing.
Bu Madhi: بو ماضي ha ha :-) one of our amazing singers. I saw him live once.

Doctor Muna: الدكتورة منى Now, she is Salalah's most famous healer and witch doctor, or so I hear. And no, she is not a real doctor. She's a wizened old lady. I have not seen her before, but I hear she can understand medical reports, even if they're in chinese. She does the traditional branding too (burning the skin to cure illness?).

Galal Ghabish from Taqah: جلال غابش Ahh... Galal. Our most famous actor, or so I think. He's been in theatre for quite some time, and he's just the most entertaining comedian I have EVER seen in my life (and I have seen many). I went to four or five of his plays.

Al Fadhiliya: الفاضلية Salalah's other famous makeup artist. She can also turn you into Dracula or Marilyn Manson if you pay her 100 OMR.

Zakiya الفنانة زكية from Taqah: إنغب عني وسافر ... جيبووووه you must know that song. She was so well known back in the 1990s. The first Dhofari woman to hit the music scene.

Abdullah Al Sabbah عبدالله السباح: You know? For so many years Oman TV people have been known to be dull and boring (with all due respect to Basil), but there are two guys so far who I've seen on Oman TV and who are FULL OF LIFE. The first one was Mohd Al Zadjali (or I think that's his name. His brother was Ibrahim Al Zadjali. Both actors, mostly famous back in the late 1990s). However, Mohammed was so enthusiastic and funny and full of life. Too bad he's not Dhofari :-) Abdullah Al Sabah is the same. He's one of those people who managed to maintain their real personalities on TV and he's just so natural and normal. You can actually 'enjoy' watching him.

Tawfiq Nahyan توفيق نهيان: Every peson in Salalah knows his song نور علينا قمر شهر شعبان ... thousands of women and girls danced Tabal to that song at almost every single wedding in Salalah for years. I've seen him live three times. His voice is so smooth and he's just a fun artist to watch. His band are super-cool too.

Abu Qais أبو قيس المعشني Seriously I think he's Salalah most famous poet. His poetry is highly controversial (politics and all) but he's still very popular. I remember when young girls first started wearing Denim Jeans in Salalah. He wrote a long poem about it and the effects of Western civilization on Salalah. I think the poem was called بنت الناس but I'm not sure.

Gosh, there are so many people I can write about. Salim Ali Saeed and Omar Jabran the singers, Dr. Ahmed our NLP Guru & author, Ahmed Majeen the theatre director, the artists, poets and photographers, the fashion designers, the soccer players, ..... but this post can't be too long. I just wanted to say thanks to these people who making Salalah unique. It's best to appreciate our local talents. I mean, who need Paris Hilton when you have Fowzi Bashir? (many of you may not agree with me but I don't care).

Let me know if you can think of anyone else who can be considered a 'Dhofari Celebrity' :-)
PS #1( Coming to think of it, does anyone know the story behind Bu Tahnoon بو طحنون? Is he Dhofari?)
PS #2 (Perhaps one day I'll be known as Dhofar's most famous blogger? That would be cool. Lol)


  1. Bu Tahnoon originally from the north but now he is Dhofari

  2. That old woman who sells Qushat next to Hamdan Hospital :p

  3. Haha... even you know her Faith?? She's having a post of her own in the near future. She's too famous to put with the 'celebrities'

  4. I want Qishat!
    Didn't manage to get any when I was in Salalah. :(

  5. doctora moona is a sorcering-piece-of-****-illegal-negro-immigrant-from-yemen, who should burn in hell for eternity for her associating with jinn and stealing many ignorant people's money.

  6. Anonymous, do you have more details about her? I know nothing about her, and would like to write more. Email me.