Saturday, November 14, 2009

Identity Revealed!

Nadia is happy ... just wanted to let you know that over the weekend I revealved the identity of two fellow bloggers (by complete coincidence) and turns out I know them both. Won't tell you who they are. I'm being Nice.
I'm in movie-mode. For those of you living in Salalah, the best place to get movies is Al Masa DVD outlet. They have two branches; one off Al Najah Street opposite Switz Bakery, and the other one on the corner just before phone street (Haramia Street) when you're driving past Dhofar Hotel. They only open after sunset, but they're worth it. They always have the latest movies and series (Arab, Indian, English). On Thursday I watched Seven Pounds (Will Smith). Highly recommended. I also watched Amazing Grace .. anyone seen it? About William Wilberforce who fought to abolish slavery in England. Excellent movie.


  1. Will Smith SAIKO (Japanese: Will Smith is the best!) Will watch his movie when I have a chance.

  2. I haven't watched a flick in a long time. Last one I watched was Amityville Horror (the remake) and it scared the bajeebers out of me. I'm dying to see the movie Paranormal Actvity though...

  3. Dont reveal their's, you never know in return your's might also get revealed.
    See I am sayin!!

  4. I know the plot of seven pounds, and whilst it sounds good, it just doesn't float my boat. Will have to see Amazing Grace though, thanks for the info!!

  5. Hmmm, I don't believe I'm one of them.. ? *unsure*

  6. That's funny. There is only one Muslima blogger who I have ever met in real life. She started blogging way before I ever did, but we'll just leave it at that :-0

  7. Does anybody know who the heir apparent is in Oman??

    Just a random question, I know doesnt go with the post, my apologies for that.

    Dhofari Gucci or anybody???

  8. I have been "begging" my DVD vendor to get 7 pounds...all he gets is the Indian movies....phew!
    Amazing Grace...gotta see..
    saw 2012?
    I am off for it today..

    @Anon: AAAAAAAARGH! more AAAAAAAAAAARRGH! I recall; some Omani said it IS quite not-so-nice (if not illegal)to talk of such things...

  9. Hmm, Im watching all my favorite series right now! Its been a while since I watched a movie.

  10. Hi Nadia
    No movies at all... It’s been long time for me to watch any movie! I hate watching movies and soccer at home.
    I can't force myself to watch a movie at home; I only watch it in cinema when I moved from SLL to MCT or anywhere else where I can find a place without lizards or mosquitoes. Am waiting for the new mall in SLL..
    Our existing cinema theatres are not designed for human (I mean in SLL like Oman cinema beside HSBC sll, and Al-Ahqaf cinema in Hafah souq)

    Regarding identity reveal, we can share who you know and who I know 
    I guess you are not going to share your information with anyone.

  11. Do you guyz not reply to the question if you dont know who's postin it???

  12. Dear Anonymous,

    No, the heir is unknown right now. However, I do think we will know in the near future. It is not something we discuss openly because we love our Sultan so much and are so used to him in our lives that we cannot even imagine what Oman would be like without him, so no, we don't like discussing it. Cheers.

  13. thanks nadia, But I suppose not having a clear succession system might cause a power struggle between the aspirants. So its better to have one. Emotions are good to have but some universal facts and realities do exist.

    I wonder why he doesnt come to salalah much now, even during his recent meet the people tour, he went to other parts of Oman but didnt come to Salalah.

  14. There's construction going on at all three palaces in Salalah, and rumor has it that he will be spending more time down here, so that's why they're renovating. I assume the construction problem is why he didn't come down on meet the people tour.