Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oman's 39th National Day!

Dhofari Gucci is Happy & proud to be Omani today. I'm always proud to be Omani, but this morning I've got flags up in my office, and I sang the national anthem on my way to work and I was even slightly cheerful before my mug of coffee. If some of you are wondering, I'm actually back from Finland. Couldn't stand the thermal you-know-what.
Some may wonder about our two national days. 23rd of July is Renaissance Day when His Majesty overthrew his father in a bloodless coup, and the 18th of November is National Day, which is actually his birthday (Scorpio!) .

Today I am thankful for the following:

- The Peaceful country that I call home

- Islam

- Our beloved Sultan

- The freedom to work, drive, travel, and be who I am.

- The ability to learn something new everyday

- Feeling safe and secure wherever I am in Oman

- My family/ My Tribe

- My friends and neighbors

- All the amazing Omanis I have met through this blog over the past few months.

- I am thankful for the small pleasures that Salalah has to offer like chilled coconuts on the side of the road or the beautiful Indian Ocean and the untouched beaches 1 minute away from my house.

- I am thankful for the banana plantations, the camels, the bedouins, the mountain people, the fishermen, the hyenas, the internet, the roads, the schools, electricity, clean water, my warm bed, my cute black car, my phone, my books, paper, pencils, grass, frankincense, rocks, turbans, abayas, clock towers, honey, tribes, colors, the cheesecake at the Hilton, my blog, and last but not least I am thankful for coffee.

- I am thankful for the Life that I am Living and all that is to come.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Not Omani, but thankful to be living in Oman, very thankful for my new portable coffee mug, and of course Mahshi downed with Batikh. Have a wonderful National Day!

  2. I thought you're at fun school. How come you're on email?

  3. Today is Wednesday, live oral exam. I think I did okay. Examiner asked "Can you perhaps move to a different room, there is a lot of noise in the background" Drum and guns.

  4. *takes note of hilton cheesecake* - ADG

  5. Anon - drum and guns .. I can't just imagine who it was ...fat.

    ADG - 3000 calories per slice

  6. It so good to be thankful but also knowlegable person sbout your rights too as a citizen.
    All you have mentioned are your rights as a human being in every singal country not just in Oman.
    39 years with too slow progress in twenty first century shouldn't be praised.
    half of Omanies is abroad searching for a living especially in GCC countries and you are proud.
    When we should be proud of our country we must look at people's point of view not ourselves that "i am happy i dont care about others".
    (((((((realitiy is bitter but we have to utter it)))))))
    Ahmed my regards

  7. Ahmed, perhaps you're having a bad day or perhaps your personal experience wasn't positive.I disagree with you completely. Be optimistic and instead of being bitter and negative, try to create change in your own environment and you will affect others. No human/country is perfect, but I prefer to appreciate the thing THAT I HAVE and praise Allah for everything because simple things in life make us happy. Materialism never brought anyone happiness.

  8. You have to choose your battles, and decide what is going to annoy you and what you can be patient about.

  9. I really love this post and I wholeheartedly agree with everything you've stated!

    I particularly love the way you magnified the little details of life that you appreciate. I've come to realise that not everyone is capable of doing that, it's a priceless skill (sadly many are not willing to teach themselves this skill). It is exactly this, that makes a person feel content. And contentment is absolute bliss!

  10. Very well said Nadia :)

    Go OMAN ;)

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  12. Kel 3am o inti b5air Nadia :)
    Love this post, you're amazing :D

  13. hi nadia where is my comment?