Monday, November 2, 2009


No I have not disappeared off the face of earth nor have I been kidnapped and murdered by the individuals who hate my blog and think I'm blogging from room 3 at Ibn Sina mental institution. I've been extremely busy. Too busy. Work-wise. I'm in a 'Pissed-Off-by-Wasta' mood today. I should think up a post on Wasta. For those of you who don't know the magic word, Wasta is getting what you want in life when you don't deserve it by using your social connections and the grapevine. Wasta is big in Oman. HUGE.


  1. well you said it. it is the magic word.

  2. It's the magic word but very wrong.

  3. رجمه ال خليفينNovember 2, 2009 at 3:27 PM


    as i noticed wasta just created close_minded ppl who never use their minds becoz they usually find everything ready.....

    wasta ppl r poor very poor ppl.... take poor by its deep meaning ...

    have a nice day nadia

  4. Good to hear from you. Well, good luck with everything ;)

  5. To begin debate about this issue,we are going to take long long time to erase it from earth due to we need to answer these questions openly and honestly:
    1-we must know what does nepotism mean?
    2-are there any outlets to escape through?
    3-why does favouritism ingrained in us a species?
    let's answer and explain........
    Nepotism is the usage of power or influence to get good jobs,unfair advatages,and etc........for memebers or group of your own family also relatives and friends.
    We have brought up by our parents we do have brothers and sisters as well as relatives and friends so our society doesnt let us to be alone on one's own.In addition to that,we cannt escape it because we are human and all we do is (transactions)give and take.
    we raised up with it so it is almost impossible to eradicate it easly.
    We shouldnt be doing that the reason is it is taboo it's not allowed (impermissible) in our religion and in Islamic values, but unfortunately it is on as if we are not Muslims.

  6. Hello Nadia
    First cheer up, you are frustrated coz you care... Good to have people like you.

    Nepotism is not ONLY in Oman !! The whole world is fiiled with it, one way or another. It been there sor ever.

    Obama, for example, won the presidency with WASTA. Oooh not only him, every single president in USA (the democratic country).

    There is a hidden force somehow somewhere controlling things around.

    Speaking of democracy, there is none.... it is Faik and I can prove it.... soon I am going to write about the big story, once I finish my research. Monitor my blog

    Cheer up sister... and t3awthy men a shaitan.

    Rgds to all;

  7. Wasta the problem with wasta? ha ha ha. I had to say it. -yf

  8. Wasta the problem with wasta? ha ha ha. Sorry had to say it! -yf

  9. This comment dedicated to migran-bird.netالطير المهاجرto inform him or her i dont know exactly the person's gender.
    anyway please dont give examples and apply them on us from culture that has differnt values and principles.
    we are as Muslims must do such thing favor one another and that it because i have commented on this topic earlier.
    so i recommend you to be proud of what you are and not compare Islamic culture to others because there is no comparison.
    review your mind twice before you post your comment.sorry but i have to say so.............

  10. Whats so big deal about wasta. Dont be losers and just cry over your plight, rather be in a position where u urself are approached for wasts. it's good to have wasta because to get at that stage where you can use wasta, u or the person who is going to use power as wasta requires toil and hardwork. It doesnt just come overnight

  11. Wasta is really bad and I think that it is wrong, immoral and very bad for the society in general. I think is an illness that need to be eleminated from our society..

  12. Wasta is corruption and we need to fight Wasta and other forms of corruption..

  13. I had heard the term "wasta" before, but now I finally understand the meaning. Life isn't fair, but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep trying your best. Keep your head up sis!

  14. "Wasta", back in the UK it is called the old school tie.....

  15. Hi I'm new and a registered follower

    I hate wasta, I would be really disgused to acheive anything through it, only desperate and incompetent individuals crave for it. If you've been pissed off by wasta, then don't just put a sad face and blog about it everywhere. Cheer up, it aint the end of the world. But seriously this wasta thing is not that big here in Oman, small wastas here and there make no fuss. Such little things happen everywhere around the world. Really we should be proud, no wasta can over-ride justice in our beautiful country.
    But i'm not sure I agree that Obama won presidency through WASTA! Welcome to Salalah

  16. Hello there,
    I am totally new to this Blog and even 1st time ever participating in a blog, but I can tell immediately that I have been blown off by the writing skills and the very open minded script.
    I had a quick look into the old post and find them very interesting, open and a width range of topics have been covered.
    However, I would like to hear your opinion about some facts, related to the Salalah’s people not really travelling internally, I have had many discussion with colleagues and they always recognize that they don’t really like travelling… for example some of them have never been out of Dhofar, I do not argue that Dhofar is extremely beautiful and that there is a lot to do and visit, but there is a lot to be seen outside Dhofar… (Within the sultana)

  17. Wasta, is killing this society,
    It is giving rights and advantage to people that does not deserve it and put aside the real talents and potential...
    wasta is teaching people to be less educated and still promises them the bright future, just because someone they know has a good position within the system...
    What will you feel if you are victim of the wasta!

  18. I never had problems with it, you either love wasta or hate

  19. WASTAH! is part of our culture..
    I remember 4 years ago I found myself involved in interviewing some of those who applied for new jobs offered by my ministry...
    I am still remembering the phone calls from people I know and others I don't. Now am feeling proud of myself, I did not give my cousin better than what he deserved so he did not get the job.
    Believe me I suffered a lot because of that! My brother was blaming me too much, he said you are not going to solve the WASTAH problem in Oman whatever you do! I told him, I am feeling satisfied that I followed my conscience.
    This does not mean that am getting rid of WASTAH! sometimes it is very difficult to escape, but at least in some occasions you have to resist, whatever the consequences…