Saturday, April 30, 2011

Al Harah blocked? Yikes.

I had no idea it was blocked ... it's almost like having the Sabla blocked! Al Harah is one of Oman's most active internet forums. Read the newspaper article here.
As for our protest situation, about 2000 people marched through town yesterday. Some pretty harsh slogans were being chanted (I won't repeat - too sensitive). They're getting impatient. Fellow blogger covered it here. I drove around the area afterwards but couldn't get near since police were blocking the highway. I wonder where all this is leading...


  1. What are the full demands of the protesters? I have hear varying things from people. Some ridiculous and some normal. The forgiving of all loans is beyond ridiculous, though if they where to pay for school maybe lowering the interest would be reasonable (though its something we in the west would never get, I will be paying into my 40's for University haha). Students in the west have been protesting for years and all that has happened is zip. You lot are lucky that anything has got done. Things take time. A house overhauled in a night will be full of more cracks then it started with.

  2. If there was a mutual respect between government and people,it wouldn't take this long period......However,there are stages of evolution in every single thing so the government has nothing but to respond before it gets out of control....
    I am afraid such negligence might lead to unwanted actions....