Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update 17: Salalah Protests

Short update: Salalah protests continue. Again last night rumors spread that the sit-in would be over today, and there definitely was an attempt to break them up, but it was unsuccessful. The tribal leaders 'Sheikhs' met with the Governor of Dhofar this morning in attempt to figure out a way to end the sit-in, and the sheikhs walked from the governor's gate to the makeshift protest camp 'People's Square', and tried to convince them to leave. They said no. I'll wait to see what else happens ...

PS (rumor has it that HM is in Salalah)


  1. Dhofari Gucci rocks man!

    HM should be told about our sentiments about the indians occupying most of the positions in big companies especially CEO and HR managers positions, if in salalah then he should look into Dhofar Power and Omantel especially

  2. Thank you for your informative updates. You really are the only source of news for most English speakers in the Dhofar region.

  3. Ahlan Ya Fadhl Dhofari Gucci (what a gem accronym it is!) Alhamdulillahir Rabb il' Alamin.
    Its much of a fulfillment when we're destined to find someone as you who not only speak-the-heart-out but such 'ruh' in your postings. They're are "germs" of Dhofar that shines and scented UNIQUELY as the wild frankestine from the hill of the Blessed Sultanate at large to put simply.
    I adore your 'germs' daily Ya Fadhl Nadia

  4. Ian...,
    You're so right... it took me almost two long years to find this truthful blog... (either I'm as slow as the desert camels or too indulged by the ever great of Rub' al Khali (لربع الخالي‎)'Empty Quarter'

  5. In the meanwhile NYTimes just came up with a rather favourable article on the Sultanate (in case you failed to spot it already)

  6. Heard Dhofar Power's Omani staff wants to kick Indians out

    CHairman Public Authority has been told of their concerns.

    I hope HM also gets infromed about this Indian Lobby