Friday, April 8, 2011

Update 18: Salalah Protests

Only about 1500 people gathered for Friday prayers at the People's Square in central Salalah (opposite Governor's office) today. The Imam who gave the sermon, Nasser Sakroon, encouraged protesters to continue what they are doing and not end the sit-in. No police or army in sight. I hear Sohar was also quiet today. Insha'Allah things will calm down now....


  1. yesterday my estimation is below 1000 and it will not be more than 800 i think..

    Support for protest in Salalah is coming down...

  2. i had seen only nearly 800 people..

  3. Thanks for all of these updates! I have friends in Muscat, so your blog is much appreciated.

  4. Thanks for updating us of what is new in the domestic arena...

  5. I hear from relatives in Salalah that there are also some smaller protests. Apparently they are also protesting at the Hilton (?) demanding: 1) salary raise (300 OMR/ month) 2) shorter work week (from 6 to 5 days) 3) the resignation of the MD and the HR manager.
    People say hotel employees are sitting in front of the main entrance and lying on the grass in plain view of the guests.
    I wonder how and when this will end... Have you seen anything like this at other places?

  6. dear nadia please update as since 8-4-2011 no update


  7. Heard Dhofar Power's Omani staff wants to kick Indians out

    CHairman Public Authority has been told of their concerns.

    I hope HM also gets infromed about this Indian Lobby