Saturday, April 23, 2011

Whoa. Local News.

Brief Update:
(1) Yesterday around 1200 people marched down the highway after Friday prayers at the 'People's Square' (sitin area) in Salalah. Why? To remind authorities that they're continuing with the sit-in until their demands are met. It's been two friggin months already. They put up two huge new banners. One says 'Jobs for all - cancel loans - Islamic banks!' (there's a fourth element but I can't remember ...). The second one says 'We're strong - We'll Stay - United' معتصمون - مرابطون- صامدون

.The Friday sermon yesterday was a little tough. The speaker, a Mr. Hardan, addressed His Majesty in parts of the sermon in a rather .... rough manner? Many of the people who were there felt uncomfortable after the sermon. Anyway, they marched and again Salalah made it to the front page of the newspaper this morning.

.(2) Murder in Salalah: on the weekend a senior official (deputy-wali) from Salalah murdered another senior official in the centre of town right by Al Shanfari mosque. Both men were extremely well known and the town is baffled. Why would someone in such a senior position murder someone (died of gun-shot wounds) in the centre of town in a public parking lot? It makes no sense,but it happened. The murderer, from a very well-respected mountain tribe confessed almost immediately afterwards and some claim he may have confessed to the crime without committing it because he's more likely to get out of jail by paying the family of the deceased a huge settlement. The 'real' murderer may have been a younger man from his family and most people believe it was an honor killing (involving a woman? a man? who knows). I hope wasta doesn't play a role in solving the murder (as was the case in previous crimes) and I hope the police crack down on weapons in Salalah. Everyone has weapons! It's frightening. I hope the truth comes out and we break these useless traditions of protecting the 'reputation' of certain families by covering up what they've done. In all cases, please say a prayer for the families of both men. What both wives must be going through.... I can't decide whether it's better to have dead husband or a murderer for a spouse. Ugh. May God give them strength to get through this. Ameen. What are your thoughts on this? Are you aware of any crimes in Salalah that were covered by 'wasta' over the years?

.(3) Say goodbye to Al Haffa Corniche/beach as we know it.The families living on the ocean received their settlement from the government just a couple of weeks ago and should be out of their beachfront houses by the end of this year I assume. Sad. Sad. Sad. I know I can't stop development but Al Haffa beach is the ESSENCE of this town.



  1. I think they'll move once the monsoon starts - sad news about the murder and you're right about the innocent family members involved.

    I have been to Al Haffa Beach and I loved to watch the children running around. Pity it's going.

  2. will Haffa be the same as in Muscat where most beaches are going to be private?
    I wonder if future generations of Omanis will have to look over a wall to see what a beach looks like?
    On the Batina the new Batina highway seems to be designed to cut whole villages off from their former fishing beaches -
    lets have a committee to examine why fish prices are high
    and another one to discuss what happens in a city with no public leisure areas - I do exaggerate Al Khuwair still has one park, does Ruwi? Haffa? New Salalah?

  3. is it deputy wali of Salalah or is it deputy wali from Salalah?

    If deputy wali from salalah, then deputy wali of which area?

    And are both the men from Salalah?

    What was the position of the murdered person in Government?

    I read it was a security guard in Times of Oman

  4. Question.. are Friday prayers allowed to be broadcasted from the mosques? Or did you attend the prayer and hear first-hand or someone who has attended informed you? I'm just asking because I'm not sure how Friday prayers work in Salalah since microphones are banned here in Muscat.. Didn't mean to be interrogating you just curious :)

  5. Nadia, we are really very curious and worried about the two ppl who have been involved inn the incident. Can u please name them or atleast give us their positions so that we can know who they are as we are no more in salalah, but have specail association with the city as we had stayed for considerable number of years.


  6. u missed out on the seems Khareef is here early.not just for the rains, i have been searching for a rental home for abt 2-3 weeks but the rents have gone crazy.i hope we have a long khareef. and i also hope i find a home soon enuff to get my faimly here asap.

  7. The fact Murders can be covered by Wasta is shocking and frustrating! Where the heck is justic and Sharee3a?

    Just because you are from a certain tribe doesn't give you the right to commit or cover-up a murder or any other crime!

    It's 2011 and "Tribes" privileges is still happening and increasing day by day. You think someone who completed their studies, opened up to the world and lives in a advanced country would leave the pre-islamic thoughts !

    Not Dhofaris I guess!

  8. so finally the cause of the murder revealed!!! it was only because of the arrogance, ignorant and stupidity of a young boy

  9. please name the ppl involved and the full story as to what actually happened.

    Can u do it AmasE plz?