Sunday, April 3, 2011

Salalah Protests: The end?

- Salalah sit-in started on February 25th and continued for five weeks.

- Minister of Justice met with protesters on Friday April 1st to try to convince them to break up the sit-in and go home.

- protesters refused because the minister confessed he had not received 'orders' from the Sultan to break up Salalah protests.

- tension as Sohar protests turned violent yet again

- This morning rumors spread in Salalah (and on the Sabla forum) that protesters decided to break up the protest peacefully and take the tents down. Evidently it's a lie.

- Worth noting that the 37 days of protests have been extremely peaceful.

- Dhofaris rock.

- The End


  1. indian expat ceoApril 3, 2011 at 2:39 PM

    completely confused by this post. is it over or not. yes or no. thanks.

  2. Maybe Dhofari's could trust their Sultan and support him. Now - that would be impressive!

  3. This procrastination shouldn't be applied more than that,cause it will carry much frustration subsequently it will lead to more violence and loses.
    The Sultan must respond to their demands in order to keep their loyalty if he really cares.
    I guess enough is enough...