Saturday, December 15, 2012

Appeals Court Upholds 'Unnecessary Verdict'

Dhofari Gucci is disappointed. If you haven't been following the news (not sure if it's even on the news yet) but Wednesday's sessions at the appeals court in Muscat proved to be a disappointment. If you remember, in July a rather large group of citizens (some of them university students) were charged with defaming His Majesty, incitement, and unlawful gatherings (Don't come to Oman! Blocking roads can lead you to prison!) and were all sentenced to jail time and fines. Anyway, they were released on bail and the final appeal session was Wednesday December 12, 2012. Unfortunately, despite the pettiness of their so-called crimes, they will all complete their jail terms.

One year in jail and a fine for slander and defaming His Majesty & so-called 'negative' writing online:

1. Ali Hilal Al Maqbali
2. Hamad Abdullah Mubarak Al Kharusi
3. Mahmood Hamad Al Rawahi
4. Mohammed Khatir Al Badi
5. Mohammed Zayed Al Habsi
6. Abdullah Salim Al Siyabi
7. Talib Ali Al Abri
8. Abdullah Mohammed Al Araimi
9. Muna Suhail Said Hardan
10. Rashid Awadh Al Badi
11. Nabhan Salim Al Hanshi

Mohammed Al Badi and Muna Hardan will go to prison after their end of term exams at college (Muna goes to Dhofar Univesity and her crime apparently is a rather stupid Facebook status update insulting His Majesty). Do I think she deserves a year in prison? Absolutely not.

Six months in jail and a fine for slander and defamation:

1. Hamoud Hamdan Al Rashdi (whose crime was holding up a pathetic banner)

Six months in jail and a fine for 'illegal gathering' (i.e. protesting on the sidewalk outside the ROP headquarters in Qurum):

1. Said Al Hashmi (Activist: Government will be happy to have him locked away for six months!)
2. Basma Mubarak Al Kiyumi (Activist)
3.  Basma Sulaiman Al Rajhi (Activist)
4. Nasser Saleh Al Ghilani
5. Abdullah Mohammed Al Ghilani
6. Bader Nasser Al Jabri
7. Mahmood Hamad Al Rawahi
8. Khalid Saleh Al Noofli
9. Mukhtar Mohammed Al Hinai
10. Mohammed Khalifa Al Fazari
11. Mahmood Mohammed Al Gamoodi

Mohammed Al Fazari will start his sentence after end of semester exams in December.

Note: (this does NOT mean that Dhofari Gucci supports irresponsible online insults and rumors, because I don't. I just feel that one year in prison is ridiculous. Oman doesn't need this right now).

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Two Small Announcements


(1) Trygve Harris, (Enfluerage)otherwise known as Salalah's Frankincense Lady is hosting an Open House at her frankincense and myrrh distillery in South Saada (when you turn into Saada from Al Rabat road onto 18th of November Road, take your first right. She's the second house on the left. Practically the first house in Saada). Open House will be on Wednesday December 5 from 4:30-7:30 p.m. You will be able to try out her frankincense oil, frankincense water and her amazing ice creams (frankincense, Salalah milk banana, Darbat jasmine, Chai Hakim, Gardenia and Grandma's Christmas).  She also has local honeys, frankincense candles and myrrh water. Everyone is invited!

(2) A female American teacher is interested in offering private English lessons or tutoring sessions to kids (or adults) in Salalah in the morning until 3 p.m - or after 8 p.m. She is an experienced tutor. If you know of anyone who is looking for a tutor immediately, please send me an email and pass the word around. Teachers, pass this information onto your students! Tons of Omanis are looking for a native English speaker to help improve their English.

That's all for now folks! Enjoy the dusty weather (not)!