Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Only 256,984 this year!

Only 256,984 tourists visited Salalah this year during the monsoon season (June 21-September 17). Down from 283,754 last year. Probably due to Ramadhan.
Times of Oman
19,833 tourists visit Salalah during Eid holidays
September 2010
MUSCAT: Khareef Salalah survey results show that 19,833 tourists visited Salalah from September 10th to 17. According to the survey, 41.6 per cent Omanis visited Salalah during the Eid Al Fitr holidays. The Khareef Salalah survey was kicked off on June 21 by the Ministry of National Economy in cooperation with Ministry of Tourism and Royal Oman Police (ROP). The field work of Khareef Salalah survey project will be concluded today. The results also indicate that 1,762 Emiratis from UAE; 12,219 from Saudi Arabia and 7,164 Asian expatriates visited Salalah. From June 21 to September 17, 256,984 tourists visited Salalah. In 2009, 283,754 tourists visited Salalah. 2010 witnessed an 8.4 per cent dip in the number of tourists visiting Salalah.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to Life ... Back to Reality!

If you don't know the 1980's song, you should educate yourself. It's Back to Life, by Soul II Soul. Hilarious music video. Anyway, .... Eid is over, Ramadhan is over, summer holidays are over, monsoon is almost over (sigh), and we're back to reality! Time to wake up and realize that the world doesn't wait for Oman to wake up from its extended nap and catch up. There are things to be done, projects that need to be completed, exams to be passed, and money to be made!
Despite the fact that I worked all summer, I still felt like I'd pushed the snooze button on my life. I feel like I havent't been productive since .... early June? The only big thing I've done is attend two weddings. Yes .. that's about it.
When I came back to work, the first thing I heard as I walked into the building was smooch..smooch..smooch. Loud kissing sounds. It took me a few moments to realize it was just your standard back-to-work-after-Eid greeting among men. I realize this must be the case all over the Middle East, but in Salalah they don't actually plant lips on the cheek. They just smack their cheeks against each other and make loud kissing sounds with their mouths. It's disgusting. They make pretend kissing sounds six or seven times while continuing to smack the cheeks. It's just ... ugh. I find it odd that this is the norm in a male-dominated society where manliness, muscles and moustaches are man's greatest virtues. What do you think?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Eid Holidays Announced

Thank you Muscat Mutterings for the wonderful news. I'm glad it wasn't announced at 2 p.m on Wednesday as expected.
For the public sector (government/higher education/etc) the holiday will be one week: Saturday 11/09/2010 - Wednesday 15/09/2010.
Private sector companies from Saturday 11/09 to Tuesday 14/09. (for private sector companies that don't operate on Thursday, I'm pretty sure they'll get the whole week off too)
All is well in our world. Come spend your holiday in Salalah. Happy Eid!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Places to Avoid in Salalah from now until Eid:
1. Al Salam Street
2. 23rd of July Street
3. Lulu Centre
4. Centrepoint
5. Al Isteqrar Hyper Market
6. All Abaya Shops
7. All Perfume Shops
8. All Women's Necessity shops
9. The whole of Salalah.
Never again.
Never again.
Eid on Friday September 10th or Saturday September 11th. The fact that our big Muslim holiday may just land on September 11th isn't going to help Muslims in the US. Send a prayer out to them!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oman's Royal Opera House

It's finally happening. Check out this article in today's Oman Observer. Sigh.