Saturday, August 5, 2017


Thank you all for your support /horror stories after my Bank Muscat rant below. After 52 days, my card was finally activated. 52 days of no credit card. For someone who travels a lot, this is a NIGHTMARE. Can't book flights, can't book hotels, can't book cars. Can't guarantee anything. I just felt so insecure. 

Oh, and on a positive note, the Salalah Grand Mall (sister of Muscat Grand Mall) is finally seeing the light of day. Last year a huge poster went up near my house saying this land has been blocked for Salalah Grand Mall (right in front of the Indian school... lucky kids). 

As of last week, the engineers' cabins went up and heavy machinery arrived. It's finally happening. This should ease up traffic at the other end of town. 

Oh, and no khareef posts because this year the rain sucks. Last year we had three months of basically non-stop rain. This year the mountains are all nice and wet,  but the town is basically dry. Sigh.