Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oman's Royal Opera House

It's finally happening. Check out this article in today's Oman Observer. Sigh.


  1. damn, it's on the week after Eid holidays !!!
    not everyone lives/studies/ works in Muscat !!
    they r killing me ..

  2. I wonder why its at the shangri la
    Perhaps the artists were booked and the building is running behind schedule

  3. This is absolutely fantastic! I lived in Oman for a number of years recently and delighted at the progress of the constructionof this majestic building. Although I no longer live in the Sultanate, I hope to return soon and enjoy a concert at the Opera House, in addition to catching up with friends and bearing witness to other remarkable developments in my second home of Oman :) What a glorious country! What a remarkable leader! Anaa ahib Oman!

  4. So the act that was supposed to "test out" the as yet to be completed Opera House must perform at the Bustan now?

  5. So there's not actually going to be any opera at the Royal OPERA House...

  6. I thing actually is going to be THE ROYAL OPERA HOUSE the STAR of Middle East.