Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Reply

Dear Rania,
Referring to your Open Letter, dated December 12, 2009, I'm quite amused. The responses and drama you've caused in the blogosphere with your simple letter were very entertaining. Perhaps you haven't been in Salalah long enough to know that there are no secrets in this town. However, I've been writing for many months, and to this day only a handful of people know who I am. I enjoy being anonymous, and intend to keep it that way.
On the other hand, you must remember that I am a pure Dhofari. This means I have a talent for gathering information and news using my connections. Thus, I wish to inform you that I know who you are. Your disguise was not difficult to uncover. I was worried that you'd end up being someone I know, and this is why I was not willing to contact you. However, since you do not know me personally I think it is safe to meet for coffee.
We will meet tonight at 6:30 p.m. Email me for more details. I will not remove my pink grilled shades. I will observe you from afar and then approach you. You will not know me, but I will know you. You will follow me to my car, and we will drive to a place where we can chat freely. We will be good friends I know. I hereby declare today to be 'Dhofari Bloggers' Day'.
See you in nine hours.
Your Sincerely,


  1. i love it. i want to meet too. only it would take me 9 hours just to get to salalah.

  2. I hate to say it, because up until now I have enjoyed your blog, but that sounded totally and utterly arrogant.

  3. Wish you both to find a good friend and good allied! Just take care and be careful ;)

    And to DD... I don't think it sounds arrogant, I think I can understand her reasons..

  4. That was a scary reply =P

    Enjoy the meet up!

  5. Dear Nadia

    Before I begin, let me curtsey to you for such an entertaining response!!!. PomPom off to you my friend. Bravo! I have a permanent smile on my face, and I don't think anything today can spoil it. Your confidence is charming. And your demands? My goodness, don't want to cross you do I?

    I am even more amused by your alegations of knowing me? This is becoming a fun game :)
    Your anonimity is giving me a rush, I hope to put it all to rest.

    Interestingly enough, would you be surprised to know that I may just have an inkling as to who you really are. As you have said, Salalah is small...how many Dhofari girls do you know who have studied abroad(such as yourself)???? I've asked around of course.(sheepish smile)

    And although I have plans this evening, I am simply to amused and too curious to not take up this opportunity. 6:30 pm don't be late. Check your email and rethink the shades.

    your excited fan


    Delirious, the arrogance makes it all the more interesting don't you think? G-chan, so scary, Ive got goosebumps LOL

  6. no, Rania, no!
    She has Zaik blood in her..she might bite off your neck :(

    Have fun, update us


  7. Well yeah I would agree with DD that Nadia's opening lines are a bit if not arrongant than not courteous either.

    @ Nadia: This drama has not been created by Rania, but the people who follow the both blogs just couldnt figure it out as to why Nadia has suddenly started acting a bit starnge.

    I mean Nadia I am one of your followers as well whom you didnt tell until today where you got those pink glasses made from,(only Joking) I was really surprised as to why you were not replying.

    Anyways man, all's well that ends well.

    With just I suppose 5 minutes to, I wish you both a very pleasant meeting and lasting friendship.

    If anyone of you has access to internet via fone, do reply during your meeting

    I would love to know how it is goin.

    Well Done you both!!!

  8. @ ADG: What's Zaik blood??

  9. Have I inadvertently stepped into a spy thriller?

    Please make sure you sweep each other for bugs, and keep an eye out for drugs being dropped into each others drinks :-)

  10. Hi, Nadia how are you doing? wow lots of things happened while I was away.

  11. Guyz have you noticed, no detail of their meeting has emerged yet, none of 'em has written anything. Hope everything is fine with them both!!!

    Rania and Nadia, where are you both??

  12. @Anonymous, Oh yeah: snotty!!!

    What tribe is she from man, lets see how snotty she is!!!

    Maashni, Rawas, Shanfari, Ghafari???

  13. Stop being nasty, snotty Anonymous!

  14. Guyz still no news of their meeting????

    Whats goin on man??

  15. nadia where u at???

  16. Hmmm, the fact that both Nadia and Rania have not responded to the comments since their supposed meeting is both puzzling and frustrating. Comments on Nadia's blog have to be moderated, so she is obviously reading them but purposely not responding.

    After checking both blogs for the past few days for an update, I have decided that its a conspiracy (ha joking) and can't be bothered checking these pages anymore for an update.

    Hope the meeting went well ladies, but this reader won't be following anymore.

    I'm not sure if the whole thing was a ploy or not, whether Nadia & Rania are indeed the same person, or whether I believe the hype/drama from the bloggosphere anymore.

    Signing out for the last time - DD

  17. Dear Readers

    Sorry for the delay. I wasn't allowed to write. I've published my new post on the meeting with Rania, which went very well.

    Sorry again for the delay.

    Regards, Nadia

  18. Rania what tribe are you from?? I really wanna know ??

  19. Nadia, maybe you should prevent Anons from posting in your blog?

  20. now what tribe is this non crowned princess from....LOL

    Sorry Guyz I didnt wanna offend anybody, I was only joking.

    O honestly like Nadia and Ranis both of their blogs

    Dont get offended nadia, rania and non crowned princess

    just jokin